September 26, 2017

I served. I sacrificed. And I’m not offended when people take a knee. Read more

September 25, 2017

How is it that your logic and expressed values completely go out the window the minute the flag comes out? Read more

September 22, 2017

President Trump said he’d “totally destroy” North Korea- an act that would kill 25 million people. Franklin Graham is praising the speech as “perhaps one of the best ever.” Read more

September 21, 2017

Is the Great Tribulation getting ready to kick off this weekend? Are we about to plunge into seven years of global chaos where all those left behind will be forced to take the mark of the beast or get beheaded? Well, that’s what one end-times predictor is warning the world. And I’ll admit, this end-times prediction is a little crazier than usual. An end-times “prophet” named David Meade is predicting not only that the Great Tribulation will kick off this… Read more

September 19, 2017

Being a Christian isn’t about following the Bible, it’s about following Jesus– and that shouldn’t be so controversial. Read more

September 12, 2017

Jesus claimed that natural disasters and war would be signs that the time for the destruction of the temple, not the end of the world, was close. Read more

September 6, 2017

I believe that Christianity is a religion founded upon the life, teachings, and example of Jesus of Nazareth. Any version of Christianity that is built on a different foundation– whether it’s founded upon “following the Bible” or some foundation other than “be like Jesus,” isn’t really Christianity at all, even if it tries to go by the same name. Christianity, by definition, is supposed to mean “like Christ.” There are some Christian traditions that highlight certain parts of Jesus at the… Read more

August 23, 2017

Pope Francis has, by and large, been lauded by many progressive Christians since the earliest days of his papacy– I have been one of them. In fact, in 2015 I was interviewed by CNN as one of a variety of non-Catholic faith leaders who liked and respected him, even going so far as to say I had a “bromance” with him. There are certainly a host of things to like and celebrate about Pope Francis, most especially when viewing those… Read more

August 22, 2017

I have a serious and honest question for my friends on the Religious Right, because what you told me recently has left me confused as to your actual position. An American city saw terror descended upon it by a bunch of proud, white supremacist nazis– people who hold what most of us, whether liberal, conservative, or somewhere in-between, have long agreed is among the most vile and repulsive belief systems that a human being could hold. These nazis came out of… Read more

August 17, 2017

Friends of Formerly Fundie: As some of you may have seen on Facebook, I have spent the last year and a half quietly in the background plugging away at what became the most intense spiritual experience of my life.  Now that this season of my life has come full circle, I am back in the game and I am now thrilled to let you know that my new book Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith is available for preorder wherever books… Read more

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