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Valuing Education

I’m really concerned about education in America. For one thing, the education senate committee in Indiana is recommending that public schools teach creationism. I don’t know whether the motion will pass, but I cannot believe that religious topics are being discussed in a school system that’s still struggling to eradicate bullying and improve literacy rates. [Read More…]

SOPA/PIPA Protest Blackout

If I downloaded and activated the WordPress plug-in correctly, my website should go black from 8am-8pm Eastern Standard Time. Why? Briefly, I think censorship is a terrible idea. Not only that, but it doesn’t work. Any time something becomes illegal, it simply goes underground and becomes more dangerous for everyone involved. The prohibition of alcohol [Read More…]

Digital Humanities Lecture in India

The details are yet to be finalized, but I am supposed to give a lecture on the digital humanities at a university in India next month. I am excited and frantically trying to figure out how to organize said lecture–where to start and where to go? First, as far as I can tell, the digital [Read More…]

Fairy Tales and #TwitterTypes

For the non-folklorists out there, we use the term “tale type” to refer to a folktale or fairy tale plot that has shown stability throughout time and space. “Cinderella” and “Little Red Riding Hood” are great examples of tale plots that are transmitted in different languages, countries, and time periods. But here you run into [Read More…]

Proposal for the Young Folklorists Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania

Here is the CFP for the International Conference of Young Folklorists, “Theoretical Frames and Empirical Research,” that will take place in Vilnius, April 15-17, 2012. I’ll still be a visiting Ph.D. student in Tartu, Estonia at that time, and it’s only, hm, an 8-hour bus ride or so, so I’m in! I’m really excited about [Read More…]

How I Found the Digital Humanities: A Personal Narrative

I sorta found the digital humanities by accident. Or rather, they found me. But before I launch into that story, I want to remark on the significance of personal narratives in both daily life and disciplinary identities. I learned from my mentor Sandra Dolby, Professor Emerita of Folklore at Indiana University, that personal narratives are [Read More…]

A Bit about Dualism

Now that I’ve finished my dissertation, I feel that I can begin to blog in earnest. Yes, it’s only a first draft, and yes, no doubt there’ll be revisions, but getting all those words down on the page was an important step in ushering in the beginning of the end. And even though I have [Read More…]