Why Go To Hell When You Don’t Have To?

Kevin Miller’s astonishingly good film Hellbound?  is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play and Youtube Movies. I’m in it (as a minor part) but so are a lot of people you’ll like, no matter what you think of me! Conservative right wing evangelicals like the editors of Christianity Today magazine, hate this movie. That should be reason enough to like it, but there’s more. Hellbound? makes a profound argument for a loving God. What’s so scary about that, to sane people anyway? And for those outside North America, it is available exclusively on Vimeo-on-Demand. People can order it on all formats through our one-stop shop: http://www.hellboundthemovie.com/shop/

If you want the special features, they’re available only on the DVD, also available through the “Hellbound?” shop.

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And BTW I have no official let alone financial connection with this project. I just happen to believe in it.

All the best,
Frank Schaeffer

About Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels including And God Said, "Billy!" as well as the Calvin Becker Trilogy depicting life in a fundamentalist mission home-- Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.

  • Mark Edward Hessinger


    Your title to this advertisement is the minor theme of all Biblically-based Judeo-Christian teaching, the major theme being that, indeed, God IS Love!

    Wishing away the fact of Hell’s existence like you regularly try to do lately doesn’t advance these glorious and soul-saving themes, but only subverts them.

    Or as you always say you say, but never actually do, “Of course, I could be wrong about that.”

    But I don’t think that The Holy Bible is wrong, even though you and I may be. I once bet my life on that wager. And it’s not yet too late for you to do that same thing too, Bro.

    I sure as Hell hope you do!

    Love, Mark

    • hellbindercda

      except what you have said is nonsense. Hell is not a “fact” at all nor does the bible old or new testament teach it. only men teach it and that much later in church history.

      the point is what does it say about you personally that you accept and think such a doctrine is a good idea or makes sense?

  • TheodoreSeeber

    Because you’d rather be doing (insert favorite sin here) than go to Heaven, obviously.

    We can hold out the Holy Hope in Christ’s Mercy, that Hell is indeed empty.

    But I think we’ve all met people who would rather reject that mercy, than succumb.

    • hellbindercda

      there is no hell the way modern western Christians think of it.

      It is amazing how much nonsense “Christians believe” based on nothing but hot air. virtually every doctrine modern Christianity accepts is not actually taught in the bible or ancient church teaching.. or Jewish doctrine.

    • hellbindercda

      also… what does believing in Jesus have to do with eternal torment? believing in the idea of eternal torment as nothing at all to do with going to heaven or the act of salvation performed by Jesus.

      how is it you don’t understand this??

      • TheodoreSeeber

        Jesus gave us the ability to choose.