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Let me brag on Sarah and Hal and the people sending in reviews to Amazon for helping to make my new book And God Said, “Billy!” the Number 1 Political Humor book on Kindle/Amazon this morning. As you can see on the Amazon chart below, Stephen Colbert is Number 2. Let me thank Hal and Sarah and my kind readers who are sending in the many Amazon reviews for giving a few good minutes this morning. The feeling of temporary immortality will fade fast as writer-rejection fear sets back in, but I’ll take moments of happiness delusion when I can get it.


 This is only 3 days into the launch of And God Said, “Billy!” with no publisher, no budget, just me, a book I’ve worked on for 17 years, and some very faithful readers, social media pals, and my email list and the help of my dear friends, Hal Fickett (brilliantly doing social media) and Sarah Cunningham (brilliantly doing media and PR) .
BTW,  NBC News (MSNBC) got wind of the fact I’m self-publishing instead of going with my usual publishers, and emailed me yesterday and said that as soon as the “Syria stuff dies down we’re calling you for a show…”
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To purchase And God Said, “Billy!” on the Kindle at only $3.99! Click HERE

To purchase And God Said, “Billy!” in print from Amazon for only $16.95 Click HERE


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The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over...
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To purchase And God Said, “Billy!” on the Kindle at only $3.99! Click HERE
To purchase And God Said, “Billy!” in print from Amazon for only $16.95 Click HERE

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