The Ten Things the GOP Won’t Thank President Obama For in 2014

Here’s Ten Things the GOP Won’t Thank President Obama For in 2014…

1. Thank President Obama for bringing the economy back from the brink

2.  Thank President Obama for ending two useless wars W started
3.  Thank President Obama for the record high of the stock market
4.  Thank President Obama for the big improvement in employment numbers
5.  Thank President Obama for succeeding in spite of the GOP in keeping the government open
6.  Thank President Obama for not calling the Tea Party/congress out on their racism
7.  Thank President Obama for bringing health coverage to millions of Americans
8.  Thank President Obama for defending women’s rights and gay rights against religious extremists
9.  Thank President Obama for saving the car industry
10.  Thank President Obama killing bin Laden and for keeping America safe and strong…

…But you’d better believe the GOP would blame him fast enough if any of these things weren’t happening!

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