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Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels including And God Said, "Billy!" as well as the Calvin Becker Trilogy depicting life in a fundamentalist mission home-- Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.

WATCH John Oliver’s Best Trump Suggestion Yet! A Hilarious “Open Letter” to Trump

(YouTube)Oliver says Trump has 2 options: a “humiliating” and “off-brand” loss to Hillary Clinton, or a “reset”Oliver told Trump. “If you keep going, you’re going to spend the next 11 weeks ramping up hatred in speeches, injecting poison into the American bloodstream that will take generations to remove, and denying the country the contest of ideas that the presidential campaign should actually be.” And at the end of all that, he said, Trump will either win or lose, both of which will mos … [Read more...]

What do Peter Thiel, Jerry Falwell Jr and Paul Ryan have in common? All they will be remembered for is backing the failed white supremacy Trump movement

What do Peter Thiel, Jerry Falwell Jr and Paul Ryan have in common? All they will be remembered for is backing the loser's loser of white supremacy: Trump. Like Trump they will go down in history as fools- mean anti-American fools. Trump is not only taking down the Republican Party he’s dismembering all reputations that converge with his.The toxicity of Trump, his lies, his hubris and his stupidity is potent enough to brand anyone caught in the glare of the Trump inferno of self-destruction a … [Read more...]

WATCH: The Trump Con Through the Fog of My Post-Surgery Pain (and Bad Spelling!)

Trump's trolls can't spell and neither can I. Let me explain the Trump con, my surgery, and all that.TODAY Saturday Aug 19th to Sunday Aug 21st you may get my book for FREE on Kindle. You can then read it on an device...and take your mind off the TRUMP fiasco... at least for a bit ! Available now on Amazon Follow Frank on Twitter www.twitter.com/frankschaefferSee Frank’s paintings http://www.frankschaefferart.com/Follow Frank on Face … [Read more...]

“Evangelical” now Equals WHITE! (It Always Did) Trump Cements Deal With White Supremacists While Jerry Falwell Jr. and other “Christian” Leaders Cheer on the Revival of OVERT Racism

According to a report in the The Associated Press "Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his campaign are expressing ideas similar to those espoused by white supremacists, legal, media and civil rights experts say. In addition, the experts said Wednesday, white supremacists are using the 2016 presidential elections to attempt to control the culture of politics."And the evangelical leadership's reaction? Total support of Trump. Is this surprising?The Falwell family is a … [Read more...]

An (Actual) Secret Recording of What Trump Supporters Talk About When they Think No One is Listening (Just what you’d imagine… and worse)

(YouTube screen shot)According to Alternet a "Massachusetts convoy of Trump supporters drove from Wrentham to Foxboro in their trucks, RVs and SUVs on July 31 and were caught on tape spewing racist epithets and calls for anti-black violence."The video below has the convoy and the recording.“Lynch the ni**ers by their d*cks!” says one driver, according to Winning Democrats, which highlighted a YouTube video of what the “Make America Great Again” convoy talked about on its CB channel wh … [Read more...]

ENTER THE SLIME: Here’s What To Expect From A Breitbart News Trump/Lies/Filth/Sex Campaign

  (Photo YouTube)FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, August 18, 2016Here's What To Expect From A Breitbart News Infused Trump CampaignBreitbart News chairman Stephen Bannon has been hired as chief executive for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign following months of shilling for the candidate on the website, relentlessly promoting Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric and defending his blunders.WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THIS SHAKE U … [Read more...]

Here’s why the Republican Party must be Totally Crushed in November (A Personal History of the GOP’s fall from a Former Religious Right Leader Who Changed His Mind)

 I was there when the religious right started that eventually destroyed the Republican Party. Trump is the final chapter in this aberration. Now it is time to put the matter to rest and euthanize the GOP as it were in November. Here is why. Please Watch.Follow Frank on Twitter www.twitter.com/frankschaefferSee Frank’s paintings http://www.frankschaefferart.com/Follow Frank on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/frank.schaeffer.16 Contact Frank at htt … [Read more...]

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"All we have is our stories," writes novelist Schaeffer (Crazy for God, 2008, etc.) in this entertaining,energetic new memoir. He follows through on this point by filling his book with story after story, all told with the clarity and catchy pacing of a born raconteur.... An intriguing, readable memoir aimed squarely at the post-faith modern era." (KIRKUS Review) ***“Part of the impact here, admittedly, is a result of who Frank Schaeffer is and of the platform from which he writes. That … [Read more...]