Hey, how’s it going? I’m Frank Viola.

I’m happily married, a father, a cat lover (and owner), the author of more than 20 books, a speaker, and a consultant to writers. I was born in New Jersey, raised in New York, and I live in Florida. I love movies, music, and NY-style pizza.

But this blog isn’t about me, it’s about you.

My mission is to help serious followers of Jesus know their Lord more deeply so they can experience real transformation and make a lasting impact.

My ministry is called THE DEEPER JOURNEY

Discovering that there really is more to the Christian faith.


If you are someone whose heart cry is: “There’s got to be more to the Lord, to the Christian faith, and to church than this,” then this blog is for you. Let me explain . . .

Most Christians know that something is wrong with contemporary Christianity. They want to break free from the tyranny of the status quo. The two alternatives that dominate Christian culture today are spiritual complacency on the one hand or performance-based religiosity on the other.

Modern-day Christianity is ten miles wide and one inch deep.

I’ve created this blog to break through to a higher and deeper expression of the faith . . . one that digs below the surface and moves beyond the shallows.


The Deeper Journey

The blog is designed for Jesus followers who don’t feel comfortable with the Conservative Right or the Progressive Left, but who are looking for a more authentic, biblical expression of the Christian faith that contains and ignites passion for Jesus.

Here are the seven themes I write on, all of which are related to “The Deeper Journey.”

frank viola author

My books provide my best thinking on knowing Jesus more deeply, gaining fresh perspectives on old (or ignored) subjects, and making the Bible come alive.

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Periodically, I feature book reviews and interviews with other authors, as well as helpful resources that I come across. (This breaks the “echo-chamber” phenomenon that’s in the bloodstream of the blogosphere today.)


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