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  • Dawn

    Thanks again, I’ve been thinking about blogging, I even tried but made one post then never again. I guess one needs to have something to say if you have a blog. Good advice. I’ll pass it on if need be.

  • I believe that’s true Steve, controversial posts draw in a crowd of readers and comments.
    This is my 7th year of blogging. I stick mainly to writing book reviews, on occasion I’ll write a post on a topic weighing heavy on me.
    There are some bloggers that just have that certain personality too, they know how to commercialize themselves, plus they’re social butterflies. Count me out on those. I’m just Annette, book-loving reviewer.

  • Thank you for this post, full of useful and sometimes thought-provoking hints. And I apologize for inadvertently ignoring tip #15 (and rule #1 for comments!) when I responded to a previous post. We have to be so careful to avoid misunderstanding. 🙂

  • This is a great list especially for someone new to blogging like me.

    Another addition could be about how to engage controversy. You hinted at it a little with a few. It seems to me that a devotional post attracts less attention and traffic than a post about the latest controversial book or preacher. Tragic maybe…