Agree With Your Adversaries

Shortly after Pagan Christianity released, a friend of mine (who is brilliant) created a video response to the many straw-man/misleading reviews that were circulating about the book.

Jesus taught us to agree with our adversaries (Matt 5:25). So the video is quite Scriptural. :-)

I still find it interesting that some people continue to write misleading critiques of the book, yet refuse to come on this blog to discuss/debate the issues with me . . . despite my continued invitations for such.

All told: Despite the many attempts to discount the arguments in the book over the last five years, the book still stands . . . unrefuted. And every objection to it thus far has been answered.

For those who are new to this blog, I should probably point out that Pagan Christianity was never meant to be a stand-alone book. It’s only the first half of the argument. The second (more important) half is in Reimagining Church. Pagan Christianity deconstructs; Reimagining Church constructs. Both books go together.

Enjoy the video.

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