UFOs & Aliens – Are They Real?

One of my readers asked me to cover the subject of UFOs and aliens on this blog. I agreed. So here is what she wrote:

Things like this are on the news every single day, somewhere, on mainstream media.

And the Vatican even had a 5 day conference to discuss UFO/aliens.


Some pastors have told me that if they entertain that this is real, then it would undermine their faith and everything they know to be true. I had to back off because they are asking me not to tell them this is real to me, and therefore, I leave them with their faith intact.

Other Christians have figured out how to handle this by saying that the aliens are the demons spoken of in Revelation. There are plenty of people now who openly discuss at dinner parties things they are reading about aliens coming soon to help us. (I think that is a bit crazy too!)

But seriously, in this day and age – all you have to do is go on Youtube and do search UFO with any news agency that is your favorite and get non stop reports.

Could you look into it, and compare what the different perspectives are on this phenomenon? I think to simply say, “I don’t believe in it” isn’t going to fly for people of faith anymore. They are going to want answers, or at least, dialogue that doesn’t make them feel ashamed that they are starting to wonder themselves by all the accounts that people are experiencing first hand.

I’m no expert on this subject, so I’m throwing it out to my educated readers. I want to hear your thoughts.

Are aliens are real? And if so, how does that comport with the Christian faith and Scripture?

I only have one opinion on this subject at the present time: If there’s intelligent life on other planets, and they need a Redeemer, then Jesus of Nazareth is it!!!


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  • As for the belief in aliens for Christians, I do not believe this has to undermine our faith in God. However I do not believe it is something we should spend time venturing into, since we do not have scriptural references to support this subject, it must not be very important to our faith. It is interesting to hear and see all of the “evidence” for UFOs and aliens, but in all seriousness, i believe it should be left in the realm of mystery. Our focus is preaching the Gospel and spreading the Kingdom to the world around us, Jesus being the center of lives. Amen 😉

  • DocRoc

    “And I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they shall hear My voice; and they shall become one flock with one shepherd.” (Joh 10:16 NAS)
    Larry Norman once wrote a song entitled UFO and part of the lyrics read, “If there’s life on other planets, then I’m sure that he must know; and he’s been there once already and died to save their souls.”
    C.S. Lewis also entertained the idea of life elsewhere in the universe in his sci-fi trilogy.

  • Proof for the existence of UFOs can be summarized in one sentence: Every time aircraft, missiles and other things in the sky are outside the experience of an observer they can be classified as Unidentified Flying Objects.

    For alien life I highly recommend “Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men: A Rational Christian Look at UFOs and Extraterrestrials”. Reviews on Amazon give a good quick summary.
    I once heard one of the authors (Hugh Ross) explain the book was needed because many of his fellow scientists believe in extra terrestrial life (for which there is no peer-reviewed evidence) while simultaneously dismissing UFOs despite an abundance of evidence, not all of which can be explained away. Just because someone is intelligent and educated doesn’t mean that their worldview (secular materialist in this case) might not compel them to take a leap of faith to believe in something without cause (E.T.s) while ignoring reported sightings of supernatural things in the atmosphere right here on planet Earth.

  • Vaclav

    Dr. who? 😉

  • Christopher West

    Someone mentioned the work of Dr. Michael Heiser above. I would like to add my enthusiastic support to that suggestion. I would also like to recommend that those who are interested look into a book by Gary Bates entitled: Alien Intrusion: UFO’s and the Evolution Connection. I have not completed it so I cannot yet endorse it, but what I have read so far has been very, very good.

  • lee zuber

    Now, I am a new creation! Since there is about as much proof for aliens and ufo’s as their is for the elusive sasquatch, and of course messy, I’m just gonna go ahead and not worry about it. When one of those things beams me up and starts experimenting on me, like in the movie, “Fire in the Sky”, then I’ll release an official statement! Sadly, there are those who have more faith in aliens than they do in Christ. Like Norman Geisler’s incredible book, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist”, I guess someone could write, “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Believe in Aliens”??
    This is actually a book idea I thought would be worth exploring…how Christians are aliens in a foreign land (in the world, not of it), and also how the ungodly (the Bible reference to non-believers) are like zombies (the walking dead). Maybe call it “Zombies and Aliens, and the search for new life” ??? 🙂

  • Why is it so earth-shattering and faith-shaking to think there might be other life in the universe. That doesn’t change the fact that humans were made in the image of God. It doesn’t change the fact that the earth, a garden-like planet, was created to be the home of God’s image-bearing creation, human beings. It doesn’t change the fact that humans were given dominion over the earth or that humans fell into disobedience and sinned and thereby gave that dominion to another spiritual entity, Satan. When this happened, God’s divine order for our planet was forfeited.
    Then came Jesus, who redeemed the human race, renewed it through the new birth, commissioned it to advance the Kingdom of God and prepare the planet for the King. The center of our universe happens to be earth. But Our Creator God created a huge and magnificent universe which continues to expand (or maybe we just keep discovering more of it). Our Creator God is a life-giving God. Wouldn’t it be small of us to think the only life he created was on this planet? At the same time, wouldn’t it be incredibly narcissistic of our race to think there could be no other intelligent life anywhere in all the universe.
    God has not told us of other life-forms. He has not told us anything about other worlds. But He has told us we were created in His image and He loves us. So much so that He gave His only Son to redeem us with His very life. That, indeed, makes us different. There may or may not be extra-terrestrial life forms visiting our planet. But even if they exist and are visiting us, they have no dominion here. Are they demonic? Are than angelic? Are they platonic? Or are they imaginary? Not a single answer to those questions changes my identity in Christ, nor does it change His eternal purpose. I suggest the church put its focus on the things we were told to do: Love God, Love one another, make disciples, and pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on EARTH (emphasis mine) as it is in Heaven. And then, if we can find a little extra time, enjoy star gazing. Maybe we will all be amazed.

  • Frank Viola

    Good comment. Though the NT does reveal Christ as the Savior and Lord of the entire cosmos.

  • Julio

    An Unidentified Flying Object may often be just that: an experimental craft of some sort that we’re not suppose to know anything about-a craft manufactured here on earth. As for “aliens”, apart from my undocumented cousins, Paul, in I Cor. 15:40, eludes to “celestial bodies”; including, but not limited to, planets, moons, stars; etc. A celestial body can often be a theophany-a physical manifestation in representation of God, such as angels; who often are ordained to cross over from the realm of the spirituals into our space/time continuum. Unless disguised in a temporary human form, encounters with angels can be quite terrifying. As for “life” on other planets, just read Eph.1:23; 3:21 and Col. 1: 16-19 with the following in mind: all of that vast and endless space “out there” is all part of God’s creation groaning for its redemption, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. All of that space “out there” has been reserved to be filled with Christ, the All in all. That’s how BIG our Lord is. And guess what. Because Christ is the body and the body is Christ, we’re going to fill all of that vast, endless space with Him-throughout all ages, however many billion light years away. Those who are born from above are the real aliens here on earth.

  • Around 40 years or so ago I saw something unusual in the night sky about 10 miles south of San Francisco.
    Thousands of other people saw it also, including pilots and police, as the news reports told us the next day.
    I took a picture of it and sent it to the air force analysis lab, but they gave me no answer.
    It was slow moving, from south to north, with multi-colored lights which changed every few seconds.
    As it was around dusk it was hard to see a shape. There never was a satisfactory answer from any authority.
    No one ever tried to confuse it with any type of aircraft or normal phenomena.
    As to what it was, who knows? And I have no idea if it has any connection to anything Biblical.
    To me, it was just one of those things with no known explanation.

  • I don’t think my faith has any bearing on this question. The Bible speaks of the earth, and of God’s relationship with mankind. It says nothing about aliens, but it says nothing about the laptop I am writing this comment on, and that doesn’t mean this laptop doesn’t exist. I see no Biblical reason why aliens can’t exist either.

    So my views are very much the same now as before I was saved. Given the vastness of God’s universe I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was intelligent life elsewhere. But I find the evidence for them having visited us implausible at best.

  • Randy Halvorsen

    I am convinced, until proven otherwise, that “aliens” are not alien to this world at all.

    To summarize: We know that God lives outside of time as we know it. Most of us have been taught that we live in a 3-dimensional world. Einstein showed us that time is actually a physical property, so time is also a dimension, a 4th dimension. Physicists theorize that there are at least 10-dimensions around us. The spirit world, the Godhead, angels, satan and his minion, they are able to access some or all of these other dimensions.

    Think of what a 2-dimensional world would be like. width and depth but no height. It would be like a sheet of paper with a stick-person drawn on it. Mr Stick lives in this world, oblivious to our 3-D world. How would you tell him what a 3rd dimension was like? We have all seen a picture of a cube cut open and laid flat. That is taking a 3-dimensional object and making it 2-dimensional. We could show this to Mr Stick and he might be able to imagine the 2-dimensional cube folded-up into a 3-dimensional object, but it would stretch his imagination.

    UFO’s: They travel at impossible speeds, change direction on a dime and disappear. Weird stuff! Imagine you stuck your finger into Mr. Stick’s 2-dimensional world. Remember, he can only see 2-dimensions. At first he would see a solitary point as your finger touched his world. As you pushed your finger in further the point would grow to a circle the size of your finger. If you stuck all 5 fingers into his world he would see 5 circles. Imagine sending a spinning cube into Mr Stick’s 2-dimensional world. That would really blow his mind. The lines and points would be constantly changing as the cube spun into and then out of his 2-dimensions.

    The same goes for us. It hard to imagine Time as a dimension, or even 6 additional dimensions. To us time seems to be very linear and we can’t imagine it bending or even almost stopping, but it does. Physics can prove it. The spirit world lives outside our 3-dimensions. So, when demons enter our dimension (aliens/UFO’s) we see them do impossible thing. Impossible for us but not for a multi-dimensional being.

    I suspect that when Adam and Eve fell, in the Garden of Eden, that they lost their ability to be in these other dimensions. I John 3:2 “But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.” That little verse leads me to think that we will regain our multi-dimensionality at the rapture. We will know we are like Him because we can see Him as He really is.

  • Luke

    I have been walking with The Lord since the late 70s and had sensed that He was sharing with me that demons were masquerading as aliens as part of a plan to deceive the nations. Over the years I have had a number of experiences and external confirmations to solidify that assessment. My eyes are on Jesus Christ, but I do tend to pay attention to how things have progressed over the years and see how our culture has been systematically prepared to accept the existence of “aliens”. I wouldn’t argue the point one way or another, but I am resolved that what I heard over 30 years ago is true.

    The most important thing that we can do is continue to cultivate intimacy with Jesus Christ. Aliens, demons, or whatever else may come, there is only one God over all creation.

  • Dr. Michael Heiser has done an enormous amount of work on the topic. http://michaelsheiser.com/

  • Very interesting. Relatively few theologians have written on the question whether Jesus saves aliens. Given that the cruifixion event occurred on Earth, would aliens be less inclined to take it seriously? What if an alien landed on our planet and told us that one (and only one) of its colleagues died and then came back to life? Would we be inclined to think it’s the son of God? What if the aliens arrived with really cool new technology, say, an invisibility cloak or a time machine, and themselves seemed to be able to perform supernatural feats? Would we think they were gods, too? What if they looked just like us, but their skin was green? What if they had super-powerful neutron-guns (so, unfortunately, we couldn’t really fight them), and said that they’re now going to live on Earth with us, and that they hope we’ll all also believe in the risen Alien? What if they told us that the risen Alien loved us all, even the most wretched of sinners? (And what if they told us that they can’t actually introduce us to the risen Alien, because he ascended into their stratosphere and went back to God, but we’ll live eternally if we believe their story?) Would we tell them, “you’re all wrong, because we have Jesus”? How would the aliens react to *that*?

  • Sally Roach

    Maybe it’s time to call Dr. Who.