Are Good Works Bad?

Many who teach grace make it seem as though “good works” are bad and should be avoided.

But this is a distortion of Scripture.

In this podcast episode, I weighs-in on the outreach vs. inreach debate among Christians (evangelism/social justice vs. community/communion), approaching it from a unique perspective and giving a clarion call regarding God’s mission in the earth.

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  • Christopher Holmes

    Love that message.

  • Joseph Phillips

    For years now, I have not understood the either/or emphasis so many place on faith versus works. I was certainly raised in a “faith alone,” environment, but as I continued to read the New Testament over several years, I kept seeing “works” and “good works” come up as a minimal adjunct to faith. If you have doubts about this observation, just do an electronic search of any version you wish of the NT and see the results. I still believe that faith initiates salvation in the believer, but it is rather useless unless expressed in some outward attempt to bring relief, healing of whatever kind, and hope to others. In short, I reread the latter part of Matthew 25 every once in a while to remind myself that Christ himself spoke forcefully of good works in attaining the kingdom of heaven.