Are You in the Wilderness?

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  • Derek

    Wows, exactly were my wife and I are at. Now I need to take up the cross…

  • Thomas Spencer

    The Church What is it goes right along this line of understanding!

  • Joy

    I am also in the wilderness and have been looking for an organic church in my area. Infact the children have been asking when we will start going to ”Church” . I have been trying to explain to them the path I have decided to take and why. But of late I have been feeling lonely and I miss a Family where we will talk Christ and share about Him. In fact you are talking about me. Actually am in that wilderness now because even friends dont understand what I am talking about. I know am detoxing but I need to get out of this wilderness as soon as possible. I am happy what you have said that we have to pay the cost to get out of the wilderness. I needed to be provoked and you have done that am ready to get out at any cost!!!!!!!! God bless you.

  • Geo

    All that is true! I have my time in the wilderness, but it seems going for too long. I am from Romania, the town of MEDIAȘ …. do you know any other people like that (going for the organic church) here around my area??!
    Thank you!

  • Valeria T

    What does being out of the wilderness feel like?

  • Anika

    What a timely and amazing read for me. Its amazing over the years believers will say ‘oh well, you’re just in the wilderness”, but it feels like these dry bones have spent way too long in the wilderness not knowing how to get out. How awesome it is and yet so simple really, to be told, we have a choice to make. I want out…out of the wilderness and I want, to enter in-to the promised land/promises hallelujah! Good grief! Reading this was like having spiritual blinkers taken off, so….next step Lord is “entering IN”.
    Thanks Frank

  • Rebecca Trotter

    This was helpful to me. I have always thought of being in the wilderness or desert as part of the price you paid for following God. I hadn’t considered the idea of having to pay a price to get out of it.