What Does Jesus Think About the AIDS Epidemic?

I vividly remember when AIDS was all the rage . . .  and the fear, among Americans. It was first discovered in 1981, and to date, the disease has killed over 25 million people. In 2009, over 33 million people were living with HIV including over 2 million children. In the 80s and early 90s, [Read More...]

N.T. Wright Argues Against Same-Sex Marriage

N.T. Wright is someone who is highly respected in Christian academic circles across the board. Interestingly, he’s also highly respected among progressive Christians who lean toward the left on both social and theological issues. I enjoyed spending several hours with Wright in conversation on our way to and back from a conference wherein we spoke [Read More...]

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear or Read

Several years ago, Michael Hyatt (former CEO of Thomas Nelson) responded to a rumor on his blog. In the post, Michael wrote, “According to the most recent rumor—which I’ve now heard twice—we [Thomas Nelson] are planning a layoff for June 19th … We are scheduled to close the transaction on June 12th, so, supposedly, this [Read More...]

Losing a Friend

One of my closest friends, a man about 20 years my senior and who I’ve known and admired since I was in my 20s, has been stricken with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s been escalating for over a year. And now it’s gotten to the place where he doesn’t remember our last phone conversation. This is a [Read More...]