Logos 7 – My Review of the Best Bible Software Available

This is it: The year you’re going to do deeper, more engaging Bible study. Oh, and it’s also the year you’re going to spend more time with family, exercise five times a week, consume vast amounts of kale, start writing that novel, and, if there’s time, achieve world peace. While you’re pretty much on your [Read More…]

What If All Christians Heeded This Simple Advice?

Recently, one of my good friends was defamed in a blog comment by a person who professes to be a believer. Of course, the Blog Manger didn’t approve the comment. But it inspired this post. The next time you hear someone slam a fellow Christian or put them in a bad light, ask them: Do [Read More…]

A Lighter Post – ‘Tis Humor

Just to brighten your day. 😉 WARNING: If you watch this video, the tune will stay in your head for 3 days! So if you want to drive some other people insane, click the Facebook share and Twitter share buttons at the bottom of the post and brighten the day of others too. 😉 [Read more…]

1 Thessalonians Explored

One of my favorite commentaries is The New International Greek Testament Commentary. While I don’t own the entire set, I have several volumes. The most recent I’ve obtained is The Epistle to the Thessalonians. I’ve been thumbing through it, and like the other volumes in the series, I’ve found it to be helpful. Here’s a [Read More…]