A Textbook for Preachers & Teachers

Leonard Sweet has written a remarkable book for those who minister God’s Word. In a day when it’s so rare to find preaching that’s powerful, anointed, and which reveals Christ, Giving Blood is a paradigm-shifter. This is more than a book. It’s a textbook and a practical manual. In each chapter, Sweet shows those who [Read More...]

Don’t Make This Mistake

I believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the greatest Man who ever lived. Paul of Tarsus, Mary of Bethany, John (the apostle), Lazarus, and Peter were also “great” individuals in my book. However, if you interviewed the folks who met Jesus, Paul, Mary, John, and Lazarus at the time, you’d discover that relatively few of those folks [Read More...]

60 People You Should Know

Alton Gansky has written an important book called 60 People Who Shaped the Church. It’s a historical work that’s super easy to read. Each chapter features one of the 60 game-changers in church history and dedicates a few pages to each one. I caught up with Alton recently to talk about his book. Instead of [Read More...]

Attend 5 Conferences in the Comfort of Your Own Home

As I’ve shared recently, I’m only accepting 6 speaking engagements a year. So I’m very selective on which invitations I accept. This year, I’ll be speaking at a number of conferences. All of them are sold out, except for the Buzz Seminar (a premium training for bloggers & authors), which has some space left still. [Read More...]