Christ Alone

Jon Zens sent me his new book, Christ Alone, recently. The book is awesome. And extremely short (43 pages). I highly recommend it! It’s only .99 on Kindle And 6.99 in paperback [Read more…]

02B Human

It takes God to be human. His plan from the beginning was for humans to partake of His life through the Tree of Life. And to express that life, exercise the authority of that life, and then multiply that life in the visible creation. Although God lost His Purpose through the Fall of the first [Read More…]

100 Books You Need in Your Library

“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left, I buy food and clothes.” ~ Erasmus People often ask me what books I recommend reading. In response, I’ve compiled two main lists. My 100 Best Christian Books Ever Written list. My 100 Best Christian Academic Works and Commentaries list. These lists have both [Read More…]

Which Video Do You Like Best?

Both are very short videos. Less than 2 minutes each. Each was created by a different person (not me). Let me know which one you think is the most effective and why. Thanks! Video 1 Video 2 [Read more…]