Origin of “Personal Savior” & The Idea of Having a “Personal Relationship” with Christ

What’s to Come: On Monday, I plan to publish a controversial post called “Does the Bible Really Contradict Itself?” On Thursday, we plan to publish on the podcast a conference message I delivered called “The Ultimate Issue.” You don’t want to miss those. Today, I want to talk about this business of having a “personal [Read More...]

I’m Building a Team – A Personal Invitation

I talk about this on my latest podcast. Stream it directly here Listen to it on iTunes Subscribe on Beyond Pod and listen to it on your Android phone (the podcast is called “Christ is All – Frank Viola”) Oh, and if you have friends who are in ministry or if they are artists (writers, speakers, musicians, [Read More...]

Shattered Magazine: A Review

Earlier this year Shattered Magazine came to my attention. It’s a high quality Christian periodical that features real-life stories that inspire, encourage, and instruct. From the layout to the design to the stories, the magazine is “top shelf.” And subscription is inexpensive. Rachael Jackson, the creator and editor, is a West Point graduate. Through experiencing [Read More...]

Christians — How Are We Doing With This?

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” ~ Jesus in John 13:35 So how are we doing with this? [Read more...]