The Best of Patheos! Introducing The Secret Honeycomb Secret

My new book, Jesus Now, has released. Check it out here. I joined the Patheos team in October 2012. It was an honor to be invited to the Evangelical Channel. I’ve made friends here. I’ve  had great conversations with people who agree and disagree. I’ve been encouraged. I’ve been frustrated. If you take a look [Read More...]

A Taste Test for JESUS NOW & Important Update on

We sent out my periodic personal update yesterday. If you didn’t get it, check your spam folder or your “Promotions” tab (if you use gmail). What I shared in that personal email won’t be repeated here. It was a horrific personal story that turned out amazing that  I waited 20 years to tell. I felt [Read More...]

Get My New Book JESUS NOW at a Great Discount

My new book JESUS NOW has just released! It’s the first book ever to detail the present-day ministry of Christ and answer the question, “What is Jesus doing now . . . since His ascension until His second coming . . . and how does it benefit you?” Click here to get the paperback from Click here to get [Read More...]

He is the Head of the Body . . . Really?

Save the Date. My new book, JESUS NOW releases Monday, May 5th. Wait to get it on that day from a special online bookstore (to be announced here) and get the Discussion Guide FREE. Plus, that store will beat the price of every other online or on-the-ground bookstore, including Amazon. The following is an excerpt [Read More...]