Heaven’s Muscle

Bren Hughes has written a new book entitled Heaven’s Muscle: Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit Within You. I’ll be reviewing the book soon, but today, I’m posting an interview where Bren and I mix it up about his new book. Enjoy! Heaven’s Muscle looks to be an engaging book. Instead of asking, “what is [Read More...]

Another Podcast Site

Some of you who don’t have smart phones wanted to know how you can access my over 100+ free podcast episodes. You can access them at the Frank Viola author podbean site. The podcast is also on iTunes. Enjoy! [Read more...]

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Get my book, Discipleship in Crisis. You can’t buy it. There’s only one way to get it–by subscribing to my FREE periodic update list. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE & GET YOUR FREE eBOOK                   [Read more...]

Christmas Myths Exposed!

If you’ve ever heard the Christmas story retold or watched it dramatized on film, you may not have realized how many myths were added to the story found in the Gospels . In this piece, I address some of them. The Date of Christ’s Birth Jesus was born “before Christ” (B.C.). Probably 4 or 5 [Read More...]