Reframing Discipleship

Here’s an article I wrote for Ministry Today called “Reframing Discipleship.” Since it’s a color PDF, I wasn’t able to copy and paste it here. Just click on the link and you’ll be able to read it. I’ll just add one word about discipleship. If you are someone who claims to be a disciple of [Read More…]

The Release of the Spirit

When I was in my early 20s, I read Watchman Nee’s book The Release of the Spirit. The content of the book came out of a long period of silence from Nee, after he was grossly mistreated by fellow Christians. Nee was someone who never defended himself against false accusation and attack. He, like Jesus, [Read More…]

Greg Boyd Needs to Fix a Nice Tall Glass of SHUT UP JUICE!!!

So Gregory Boyd has challenged me to a debate. Yes, we shall debate his “open future” view for all to see. I hope that Mr. Boyd doesn’t mind receiving an atomic knee drop and falling hard on the mat in the first round. Indeed, I offer this promise: Boyd’s logic will be shredded, excoriated, and [Read More…]

The Bible is Not a Jigsaw Puzzle

Chapter 11 of Pagan Christianity is called REAPPROACHING THE NEW TESTAMENT: THE BIBLE IS NOT A JIGSAW PUZZLE. You can read a large excerpt from this chapter on PDF (just click those underlined words). You may distribute this chapter to your friends and even post it on your website or blog if you like. George [Read More…]