What the 2nd Greatest New Testament Scholar Says About Same-Sex Marriage

The greatest New Testament scholar alive is Craig Keener. Keener is the foremost expert in first-century history and NT studies. He’s the author of the massive multi-volume commentary on Acts as well as The IVP Bible Background Commentary of the New Testament. I know Keener, and he has no peer in the world of New [Read More...]

Can You Pray for Me About This?

Hi Friends, I don’t ever remember asking for prayer on this blog before. If I have, it’s been exotically rare. Not because I don’t believe in prayer. Quite the opposite. I believe corporate prayer is like launching a nuclear bomb . . . it’s power is enormous. So I don’t take it lightly. Nor do I [Read More...]

A Ministry Dream Team

A quick reminder that my Rethinking Series and Entire eBook Library are discounted until Tuesday, July 14th. You can get the Sampler here to check it out. Again, this set contains never-before-published material. The content isn’t repeated in any of my other books. And these only come in eBook versions (Kindle, PDF, Nook), but you can print [Read More...]

Give-Away Book & Your Questions About the Holy Spirit

I just returned from Urbana, IL. Honored to be the keynote speaker at the Christian festival there. Someone took these shots while I was delivering my “Stairway to Heaven” message. One of the people helping with the conference encouraged me to wear the hat while speaking since all the musicians at the festival were wearing hats [Read More...]