So You Think You Disagree? 4 Reasons Why You May Not

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  • Frank Viola

    Thanks Bob. Feel free to the share this post as it may help others to see some of the thing that are at work and encourage them to respond more appropriately.

  • Bob Seidensticker

    Good points. I blog here at Patheos, and I find that I’m often misunderstood. Some commenters (usually the same antagonists) often begin a comment with, “Oh, so what you’re really saying is …” and then continue with something I’m not saying at all. I don’t know if this is an honest mistake, but it’s a challenge for me to remain calm and pleasant when it happens over and over. Problem is, when I vent, then I become the bad guy.


  • Mike

    I love this part-“To be sure, there are genuine disagreements. And we should welcome them. It’s one way to fine-tune our thinking. None of us can claim immaculate perception.” Thanks for your insights Frank!!!

  • Frank Viola

    Typically people will just say “go to his/her website” or read his/her book, title, page xx. The link policy has to do with using the blog for promotion which happens most of the time. Of course the Blog Manager has made a few exceptions when a link is absolutely needed to clarify something. But it’s rarely necessary.

  • Frank, obviously if the disagreement happens in one of your comment threads, and outside sourcs are needed, then putting a hyperlink in is impossible, as per your comment policy. Doesn’t that make it easy for people to misrepresent others arguments? For example, I could quote PZ Myers saying something really useful to creationists, and I can’t give a link, since the comment in question is not on his website, it’s not likely people are going to find it in a hurry.

  • Frank Viola


  • Was Pagan Christianity reviewed more by people who didn’t read it than Love Wins? Or Year of Biblical Womanhood? Those both had hundreds of negative reviews before they even released.

    On point, though, thanks for the post. I had somebody complain about how they completely disagreed with me because of one poorly-phrased sentence in a blog yesterday. They loved everything else I said and this sentence was meant to be completely in line with the rest but it was just ambiguous enough that they saw it as an attack.