Rethinking Discipleship, Mission, and Church

This post has been expanded and converted into a chapter in my free eBook Discipleship in Crisis.

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  • Randi


    oh Lord help me live this out daily – help me let go of my expectations of things — the timeframes of when *I* think things should happen it…. and who will be apart of it…. and how we will do things…. and just help me take small steps to grow closer to the ekklesia around me! Help me surrender to your building of your Church!

  • Joe Bob

    Ignorance was bliss when I could drudge along blindly with that old mantra. But there were always questions in my mind about why it felt unnatural and even forced. I even felt guilt for questioning it. The efforts were always about and for Jesus and the expation of the Kingdom, but not really by and through Jesus, it always felt manufactured and obligitory. Now that I have had some light shed on the history of the “Missional”, “Discipleship” movement (or cycle as it seems more accurately described) I feel freedom. Finding local like minded believers to start the true ekklesia adventure with becomes a little more challenging though…or so I am finding. But there is an excited anticipation in my heart to meet my brothers and sisters.
    Thanks Frank for serving our Lord and walking out the vision He has given you. It was a blessing to finally meet you face to face.
    Y’all always have a place in Texas!

  • Greg

    Amen, amen, amen! (times infinity)

    Please don’t ever stop ringing this bell and sounding this siren.

    Thank you Frank for all you do.