Problems and Solutions in Discipleship: Part III

This is the third and final installment of our series on discipleship.

You can read Part I here – contains 2 free resources.

You can read Part II here – contains 1 free resource.

Third Set of Problems in Contemporary Christian Discipleship

Problem 1. confusion over spirit, soul, and body and how countless Christians confuse their souls with their spirits and struggle to “find their spirit.”

Problem 2. almost no understanding of the consciousness divine life and how to discern the Lord’s leading within and follow one’s spiritual instincts.

Problem 3. the paralysis of self analysis.

I’ve offered solutions to these problems and more in the following FREE resource:

1. Living by the Indwelling Life of Christ – Part 2 (this is Session 2 of my new online discipleship course.)

You can listen to the message for free.

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Here are some testimonials from people who are going through the course right now.

“Living by the Indwelling Life of Christ by Frank Viola is more than study, more than facts, more than crossing off your spiritual to do list. It’s the absolutely stunning life of Jesus imparted to you. If your heart’s felt stale and you’ve lost your passion for life and Jesus, dive into this study and experience the renewal that only comes by encountering Jesus face to face.” ~ Mary DeMuth, author of The Wall Around Your Heart

“I’ve listened to enough of this course to tell you that Frank presents a beautiful and compelling vision of what it means to live in Christ while insightfully addressing one of the most significant challenges that confronts contemporary disciples: namely, the challenge of learning how to grow in Christ, not by relying on our own self-effort, but by yielding to the life of Christ within us while growing in the truth of who we already are in him. And it’s a course that is as practically orientated as it is theologically informative. Judging from everything I’ve heard about it, people have found this course to be incredibly powerful, and in some cases, absolutely life-changing! ~ Greg Boyd, author of The Myth of a Christian Nation

“Ever been frustrated trying to live the Christian life? Check out this great new resource by my friend Frank Viola.” ~ Tommy Tenney, author of The God Chasers

“When I read the accounts of Christ’s life on earth, and I compare those accounts to my own, I realize I need to close in on the target. So how do we live out the life of Christ? I am finding at least some of the answers in a new discipleship course which was created by my friend Frank Viola. I recommend getting this resource. If you are looking for a closer walk with the Lord, I believe it will help.” ~ Ray Edwards, best-selling author and copywriter

“I heard all the messages for this course live and I recommend them to all organic churches and individual Christians who want to go deeper in the Lord.” ~ Milt Rodriguez, church planter and author.

So far, I’ve completed the first 4 sessions.  There is so much to take in, so much I’ve never been taught in my 40 years as a Christian. I have repeated these first 4 lessons a couple of times already.  What you are teaching reveals a longing in me to know more, to know Jesus more, to understand more.  I am loving it! Your gift for teaching, revealing these concepts and making them so understandable, is awesome. ~ Jerry

“Super, extremely helpful! I believe this is what I was looking for all along, the practical outworking of living by the indwelling life. After the first message, something ‘went off’ in my spirit and I have been enjoying the Lord since. I am just on the 4th message, so I look forward to the rest. I am taking my time to listen to each message several times before moving on.” ~ George

“The course is absolutely life changing!” ~ Amy

“Amazed of the richness in God’s word.” ~ Juan

“The course is wonderful. I have listened to all 9 and plan to listen to them again and again. I love the practical exercises that you share. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experiences. I’ve been listening to your audios (and I think I’ve read all your books) for a couple years now and the words you share are life to me. Thank you for allowing God to use you to glorify his Son and to show us the desire of His heart.” ~ Carla

“In this course you have taken much of those teachings on Christ and put them into a most practical, highly needed and tangible format. Thank you for this provision to help the Church grow and mature into the fullness of Christ.” ~ Howard

I just completed message 3 of your course. So far it has been great. It is taking what I have learned of Christ up to this point in my life and expanding it to a new level.” ~ Suzy 

“It is revelatory to me.  I have told several of my friends about it already.” ~ Claudia 

“What I love about this course is not just the truth being taught, but the practicality of it. The Holy Spirit becomes someone relatable and experiential and in a way that makes sense but still beautifully mysterious and amazing.” ~ Tim

“One word, Awesome!!!!!!” ~ Rick 

“This course is a fresh new revelation of Jesus Christ and His life. It is like a juicy fruit exploding in my mouth . . . always looking for more and enjoying this ‘zoe’ life.” ~ Michel 

“I had been waiting for the course since first hearing Indwelling Life (the first one) and I’ve found it great.” ~ Irving 

“So much of my previous exposure to “deeper christian life” studies have come together in concert and harmony through this course – for it ties it all consistently into Christ. The Lord has used it to balance out (what I thought were competing) perspectives, in really complimentary ways.” ~ Russ 

“I love how you have been presenting His indwelling life in the Scriptures.  It has been so affirming and enlightening and helpful. I have recommended your course to the ladies in my Bible study groups.” ~ Jan

“The content of the course is valuable. I also like your lively presentation of the topic and the humor, as well as the humor of the church, where you delivered this series. It proves that Christianity and having fun go together.” ~ Alois

“The course goes beyond just bringing revelation because it puts us into practice. The material is so rich that I’m trying to pass everything I could grasp from it to my brothers in the Lord.” ~ Eduardo

“I love it!” ~ Jennifer

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