God’s View of a Woman

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  • Thx. for the comment!

  • Joshua Rogers

    Wow. Thank you Father for giving me a godly mother who epitomizes these qualities you have highlighted in the Women of the New Testament.

  • Roberta Jackson

    I’m female and thankful for the posts about Jesus, God and women. As Christian persecution is ramping up in the U.S., I appreciate someone stepping up and speaking in a cogent way on this highly politicized topic. Ignorance (sometimes purposely) on the subject has fueled a massive firestorm that I fear will continue to worsen. I have frequently found myself furious about the misunderstood “Christian” in our country, but we only have ourselves to blame. I was glad to have a link to “Jesus and the War on Women” on Facebook in hopes that some of my democrat friends and family could see what truth looks like. Thank you, Frank.

  • Frank Viola

    Thx. Not making anyone a “foil,” just stating an overlooked fact. In the NT, the women generally outshined the men. In addition, John outshined the other male disciples. Lazarus who never speaks a single word in all the NT was greatly loved by Jesus. Not a big deal. I don’t find any of that threatening and neither should anyone else. I do find it fascinating that some will zero in on one line or word and have that overshadow the entire message. Sorry you had trouble with that line. You do realize that someone else picked that line to promote the post. Which is interesting. Seems like promo lines stick.

    If you give a message like that, I’m sure you would do it in your own way and do a better job according your own standards. 🙂 Glad you found the blog and that it was a blend of all those elements. The worst thing a writer wants is an apathetic response. 🙂 Oh, Tim D. is the man! Have a great weekend. You may find the other posts of interest as well as the free book.

  • Doc Mike

    Let me say first that I certainly am in agreement with equality for women. I have argued, taught, and preached that very point for decades.
    Nevertheless, I cannot help but believe that God could have used your sermon just as effectively without the comparison to men or without using men as a foil. Surely when you say “The greatest disciples of Jesus Christ were not the Twelve. They were the Women” you are at the very least implying that the women were superior to the men as disciples.
    In response to your question, I’ve been a regular (lurking/stalking/whatever) reader at Patheos for quite some time. I was drawn here primarily by Dr Tim’s writings; I have continued to frequent the site for the same reason. I am often encouraged, sometimes rebuked (in my own mind), intermittently disappointed, and rarely discouraged or frustrated. (Your post is a blend of the first and the third, FWIW.)

  • Frank Viola

    Thank you for your comment. When I delivered this message in Chile, both the men and the women were weeping. The room fell silent when I was finished and the men began repenting for treating the women as second class citizens. The women were stunned to discover how much the Lord valued them and their emotions exhibited this also. It was a remarkable moment. Since the talk has been published, many women have written saying it has liberated them to see how much God values them, shattering deep seated inferiority complexes. The post doesn’t say or argue that one gender is greater or lesser than the other. I don’t think the Bible says this and most evangelicals would agree that it doesn’t. Nonetheless, many people, Christian and non-Christian … evangelical and non-evangelical … regard the talk to be valuable for the reasons I’ve given. Your mileage may vary of course.

    I’m new to Patheos so I’m curious how you found this blog post. Thx.

  • Doc Mike

    I simply fail to see the wisdom or value of posts such as these. The net effect is to pit one gender against the other by proclaiming one as “the Greatest!” Why not a post on how the Gentile disciples were so superior to the Jewish disciples? If the latter is rejected as racist (and it should be), is the former not sexist?

    Do we lack sufficient divisiveness in the Church that we need to stir up more?

    I just don’t understand the evangelical mind (in Noll’s sense of the phrase).

  • Frank Viola

    The artist’s masterpiece is always created last. 😉

  • well, since women were created after men (according to 1 of the 2 creation stories) that makes women the penultimate crowning glory of creation. i agree. : )