The Gospel – It Isn’t What I Thought

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  • Frank Viola

    As indicated in the post, the Gospel is the announcement of Jesus as Lord and Savior. It includes His Person and Work. He’s the center of the gospel as well as embodying it.

  • Do I understand you correctly if I say you equate the Gospel simply with Jesus being Lord, in similar fashion to the romans when they got a new emperor? Or do you simply mean Jesus is the center of the Gospel? I ask because you seem to mean the former when you say:

    “Jesus of Nazareth is the good news.”

    Although I’m sure this is a big part of the gospel, I don’t think it’s the main message of the gospel. The gospel seems to me to rather be about the *issue* God addressed, which culminate in Jesus, rather than just arbitrarily being about Jesus.

    Or maybe you believe this also, but your assertion is that during the times of the early church, this is what the gospel *meant* within their context and setting among the romans?

    Your thoughts?


  • I’m seeing the GOSPELS in a new light, too. Jesus was sent in human form to explain to us what God’s kingdom is like. For those distant, he spoke in parables, but over time he starting talking with the disciples directly and eventually called them friends. Our spiritual journey is in the Gospels. Eventually, we call Jesus friend, too.

  • and oh how much richer we are when we discover Him vs. the plan. 🙂

  • The Gospel is always the medium (Christ) and the message (scripture). It is always the Word and His words.

  • i’m weary of small gospels preached and lived. thanks for lighting something better.