I’m Looking to Hire

Looking to hire a social media expert.


*Has experience building Facebook pages with at least 10,000 followers without paying for a company to secure instant followers. (We’ll ask you to show us the Facebook page(s) you’ve built.

*Responsive to my messages via email or Facebook – meaning, you respond within 24 hours if I write you regarding the job. Unresponsive means you take longer to respond.

*Helps if you have experience in using Facebook ads, but not required.

*Helps if you are a Millennial (21-35) since that’s the target audience, but not required.

$100 finders fee (meaning, if you find someone who fits the bill and I end up hiring them, you will receive $100 – yea, it’s really hard to find good help).

Here’s how to apply — it’s simple. Don’t respond to this blog or send me an email. Instead, write me a Facebook message at https://www.facebook.com/frank.viola

That brings me to another requirement.

*Must be able to follow simple instructions.

Obviously, since the job calls for Facebook usage, you have to be on Facebook.

If I’m interested, I’ll send you follow up questions via Facebook message (which is often used like email).

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