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If you are reading this post, introduce yourself in the comments.

If you blog, share the  url and what you blog about.

If this post gets *at least* 100 comments, I’ll give one of you a free copy of one of my print books.

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  • Gavin Regnart

    Hi, I’m Gavin, and I’m just an Englishman who loves Jesus. I blog at where I talk about my journey, my thoughts and my occasional struggles. I’m not prolific but I make sure I post at least once a month. God bless you Frank for all that you do.

  • I’m a pastor and leadership coach writing about worship and other things at My upcoming book is “A Movable Feast: Worship for the Other Six Days” and will be released in April.

  • Schaeffer Lawrence (Eaglewings) – I started my blog, Gloryscope Daily ( ) to develop more in the prophetic. I post almost daily with a short prophetic word picture intended for a specific person, although I don’t know who it may be.

  • hsw3

    Harold Warner, Senior Pastor of The Door Church. I love helping people think biblically and have a Christian mindset throughout life’s journey. I post my blogs in two locations and

  • Christopher Love

    Greetings, my name is Chris. I serve at a statewide nonprofit charitable foundation professionally and also with a local inner-city church in Little Rock, AR. I just started blogging in January of this year. My blog is primarily aimed at edifying and even challenging my readers with Truth- God’s Truth. My blog is Brother Love and can be found here:

  • Dan Wagner, full-time pastor in Florida. I no longer do a blog, but I do some consulting with smaller churches about leadership and mission when I get a chance to travel.

  • Sherwood81

    You asked for other bloggers, so here I am. A real novice at this sort of thing, but you can find me at –

    My interest in blogging is precisely that – at 84+ years of age, a Christian heading for my 40th birthday in Christ, I do not want to leave this realm disappointed, given what I see – too often, the tenor of times regarding our allegiance to Christ

  • Hi! I blog at on the spiritual journey that I and the church community I am part of are on, with emphasis on the radically counter-cultural nature of God’s kingdom. I also have a more theological blog at where I am trying to work through my reflections as a pentecostal-charismatic from the UK, who has abandoned the fundamentalist fortress and wants to develop a genuinely pilgrim theology.

  • I blog at The Forgiven Wife to encourage Christian wives as they break
    away from sexual refusing and gate-keeping to build a marriage of full intimacy, as God designed for us. You can find me at

  • I’ll throw my name in–Shawn Anderson. I blog about leadership, discipleship, and Christianity.

  • Greg Carlet

    Hey Frank, thank you for all you do. 🙂

    Greg Carlet and I occasionally blog at
    about various topics that get stirred within me or cross my mind.

  • Hi there! My name is Mike and I blog on various philosophical / theological matters. As you might be able to tell from the title of my blog I’m particularly interested in the Calvinist/Arminian/Molinist debate but I also like to write responses to atheist arguments against theism and am currently writing a series of responses to Peter Boghossian. Here’s a link to my blog:

    Thanks Frank!