What Every Christian Can Learn from Listerine

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  • John Evans

    Through work I come in contact with the dental literature quite a lot. Interestingly there is evidence coming to light now that regular use of antibacterial mouthwash may contribute to worse oral health for the same reason misuse of antibiotics has led to higher risk of in-hospital infections. If you’re regularly doing an indiscriminate sweep of all bacteria from an area, you’re likely going to weaken the beneficial comensal bacteria population and encourage the spread of resistant, hostile varieties.

  • Frank Viola

    Great point. Dissenters come in different types.

  • Frank Viola

    Excellent point, Joe. Yes!

  • Joe Canner

    At the risk of pushing the analogy too far…It’s worth noting that even a useful product like Listerine can be misused (e.g., unregulated source of alcohol), cause unwanted side effects if used too much (e.g., dry mouth), or used as a substitute for a more comprehensive treatment (e.g., instead of brushing and flossing). Likewise, Christians who push too hard or in an obnoxious way will lose their effectiveness, as will those who concentrate entirely on eliminating the bad stuff without introducing good stuff in its place, or those who focus on secondary doctrines.

  • John Evans

    The lesson of Lister – and Galileo – is that it is not enough to be a rebel. You must also be right.

  • I keep thinking of Revelation now – may we, unlike Listerine, not be spat out by God for being lukewarm.