Living in Christ’s Presence

I wish I had known Dallas Willard when he was alive. I believe we would have become good friends, as we have so much in common.

Willard’s book Living Christ’s Presence is adapted from the talks given at the February 2013 Dallas Willard Center “Knowing Christ Today” conference in Santa Barbara, California. John Ortberg, who has kindly endorsed a number of my books, is also featured in the book, contributing a number of chapters.

Each chapter is followed with an interesting dialogue between Dallas Willard and John Ortberg. These reflections form an apt conclusion to Dallas Willard’s public ministry.

In short, I thought the book was easy to read and it contained some interesting insights. I wasn’t aware that Willard was Ortberg’s mentor.

That said, I didn’t found anything practical about how to live in Christ’s presence, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t the book. The title may lead some to conclude this.

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