What’s Your Mission Statement?

“Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”

~ Frederick Buechner

Recently, someone asked me to explain my mission. They weren’t asking for a general answer, which would be “I am a follower of Jesus” or “My mission is to fulfill God’s Eternal Purpose.”

They wanted to know how my ministry and work is different from that of other Christian thought-leaders, writers, and speakers.

If you are in ministry and/or you have a blog and/or you’re an author of books and/or you travel and speak, people will want to know what your mission is and how it’s different from the millions of other Christians who blog, speak and/or write books.

So here’s the answer I gave.

All of my work is described by this tagline:

The Deeper Journey — digging below the surface and moving beyond the shallows in today’s Christianity.

It can also be described as “moving beyond superficial evangelicalism into the deeper things of God.” Hence, the name of this blog . . . Beyond Evangelical.

My mission is to help serious followers of Jesus to know their Lord more deeply, to gain fresh perspectives on old or ignored subjects, and to make the Bible come alive.

There are five chief ways in which I communicate and spread these “Deeper Journey” themes globally.

1. blog – over 800 blog articles (all free).

2. podcast – over 90 episodes (all free)

3. courses – I have one online course so far and another releasing in 2015.

4. events – I only travel 6 times a year to speak in various events.

5. books – the full catalog includes:

God’s Favorite Place on Earth

Jesus: A Theography

From Eternity to Here

Jesus Manifesto

Epic Jesus

Beyond Evangelical

Revise Us Again

When the Pages are Blank

Pagan Christianity

Reimagining Church

Finding Organic Church

The Untold Story of the New Testament Church

Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire

Discipleship in Crisis

That’s the clearest way I can put it.

If you are in ministry and you don’t have a mission statement, I encourage you to give thought to creating one.

Two questions will help you toward crafting it:

1. What’s your greatest joy, passion, and burden with respect to the Lord?

2. What is not being said or heard in our time, but needs to be?


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