A Nativity Story You Shouldn’t Miss

The Nativity Story (DVD) is well worth watching. While it doesn’t match the Gospel story perfectly, overall, it’s pretty close. The acting is great as well.

I also appreciate how they depict Joseph. As with movies of this sort, I lost half my body weight weeping through it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should.

Now on to Christmas songs.

My all-time favorite Christmas song, hands down, is this one.

(I looked in vain for the original Elvis track of this song, which to me is the best I’ve heard. The one I linked to above is an Elvis impersonator, who does an unbelievable  job. But the original is better. If any of you can find the original Elvis track, lemme know.)

And as I do each December, I’m posting my annual favorite spoof Christmas song. (This is a response to all the Santa-Rudolph-Frosty songs. Ha!)

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  • Paul

    it is our family tradition to watch NATIVITY STORY on Christmas eve befor we go to bed. GREAT MOVIE!

  • http://www.stuartmccormack.wordpress.com stuart mccormack

    The Nativity story is a wonderful telling of it – I’ve made a point of watching it with my kids for two years now. They love it! Excellent recommendation Frank. Merry CHRISTmas to you all.

  • Scott Ray

    O Holy Night is my favorite as well…