3 Reasons Why Christians Get Offended With God & How to Overcome Them

This post has been revised into a chapter in God’s Favorite Place on Earth.

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  • The easiest way to get over your offense at God is to reject the heresy that God can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Why do I call that a heresy? Because it is not true, and it slanders God’s character. God is not exempt from James 4:17 nor is he guilty of it. He does all he can within his limitations. God makes it very clear in his word that he has limitations. He is the highest authority. He is the highest power. He is the highest intelligence. But there are things he can not do, especially in the realm of not contradicting himself!

  • Thank you, I’ll look them up.

  • Steve K.

    Thank you for this post today, Frank. It was certainly very needed and timely in my life and it was a good affirmation. God is Good. He provided this bit of food for me just when I needed it. Paul says run the good race. It’s definitely a marathon and not a sprint, praise God!


  • Frank Viola

    I recommend the book “Is God a Moral Monster?” and “God Behaving Badly” … both books address your struggle.

  • Frank Viola

    I recommend the book “Is God a Moral Monster” and “God Behaving Badly” … both books address your struggle.

  • “Being offended by God is a choice. You can choose to take offense at the Lord and stumble over that which you don’t understand.”

    I’m sorry, I don’t get this. I think you have to choose not to be offended by God, not the other way around. I find the idea of killing pregnant women because you have a beef with their culture, I don’t choose to have this offend me, it just does. While I think that this is repulsive, I have to accept that God considered it a perfectly reasonable thing to do to the Midianites. While I have a limited knowledge and can’t see what happened on page ten, if God chose to give us a glimpse of page ten, justifying the unforgiving brutality of the glimpse is a fair thing to provide. Were the unborn babies really so evil because their parents happened to be in some way involved in something the Moabites did?

    I’m really struggling with this, and while I can choose to let it slide, I don’t think that a good, loving God would expect me to.

  • Julio

    …anger, and/or discouragement. These feelings should be used as signals rather than guides, alerting us to the fact that the fault is with us and not with Him; and of our desperate need to gently and lovingly turn inward away from ourselves unto Him-in that deep pure center of our spirit, where nothing can trip us up.

  • Julio

    Excellent post.
    Mistaking “our” desires for “His” goals is a sure fire way for Christians to get offended at God. While some desires are attainable, others are not. Because God’s grace is dispensed to fulfill His will and not our whims, upon learning the difference, His goals, as they relate to His eternal purpose, are absolutely attainable! Being offended is usually prefaced with feelings of dissapointment,