Knowing the Plan or Meeting the Person?

The following is from Watchman Nee:

Men rejected Christ, not on the ground of what he did but on who he was, and they are invited to believe in what he is and who he is, and not, first of all, in what he has done. ‘He who hath the Son hath life.’

The appreciation of his work must come, but the main question is whether or not you have the Son, and not, first of all, whether or not you understand the whole plan of salvation. The first condition of salvation is not knowledge, but meeting Christ.

There are people who you may feel were saved by the wrong Scriptures! They were spoken to through verses that do not seem to point the way of salvation, and you almost feel that they could not be saved by that basis!

I used to wish that those whom I led to the Lord would be saved on the basis of John 3:16, but I have come to see that all that is needed for the initial step is that there should be a personal touch with God. It does not matter, therefore, which scripture God elects to use for that first vital step.”

~ Watchman Nee

Have you ever met Christians who felt that understanding “the plan of salvation” was more important than meeting Jesus Christ Himself or who equated the two as being the same?

I've had those days.... Those are the "If I had a rocket launcher" days that the imprecatory Psalms give respite.

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