Important Survey: What Is Your Biggest Struggle as a Christian?

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As I’ve explained on my About page, this blog isn’t about me. Neither is it for me. It’s about you, and it’s for you.

The same with my podcast, books, and online courses.

They all exist as a resource to help you, encourage you, educate you, challenge you, inspire you, and if I’m able, to help solve problems.

Consequently, please take a moment to answer this question in the comments.

What is the biggest problem or struggle you face as a Christian right now?

Please encourage your friends to answer the question also. So share this post. Thanks!

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  • Steven W. De Bernardi

    To know Jesus in a familiar way. As companion, friend, brother. I know him by faith as Messiah…Savior…Lord…Only begotten of the Father. I know him by the testimony of the Scriptures. I want a greater knowing by way of experience of his presence. To see him. To hear him. To touch him.

  • debra elramey

    Self discipline. I want to be the bride, but not a disciple. Because it’s hard to conquer the flesh. I like to sit on my arse and watch the news. The myriad ballgames. A good movie. I enjoy distracting myself from the one the thing needful: sitting at his feet and learning how to be all I am called to be. And fulfill the purpose for which I was born.

  • sarahcolligan

    My biggest struggle is not wanting to wring the necks of other Christians. I don’t have a lot of grace for Christians who look down their noses at others, spend their time gossiping or keep hidden under the steeple, inside the church bubble. I know I need to have more grace, because I have my own moments being a Judgy McJudgerpants. But I think we get challenged in the areas where we judge others.

  • bethany

    I think the
    biggest struggle I face as a believer is understanding and living out grace.
    It’s overwhelmingly simple, but incredibly deep. To actually REST in grace (as
    I believe and understand it) is to rest fully on the power of the cross,
    knowing that Jesus is everything, and I am nothing apart from Him. I can’t earn
    it. I can’t make Him love me any more, and I can’t make Him love me any less.
    No matter what I do. This is one of those things that we all “know”,
    but don’t really KNOW (like in your gut know). People think grace equates or
    leads to license, and so we strive to maintain a “good Christian
    life” that sets us apart from the world, but what we fail to recognize is
    that there are two very step sides to this cliff– legalism and religion on the
    opposing side. Scripture warns against those who believe grace will lead to an
    abundance of sin, but when grace is understood- REALLY understood- Jesus is
    shown and freedom is found. We do NOT live under the law, but under GRACE.
    (Rom. 6:14-15) Furthermore, we constantly preach grace all day long, but are
    sooo unwilling to show it to those around us.

    Anyway… enough with my rambling– but I struggle with grace. A
    lot. To know truth and then to live out truth are two very different things,
    and right now I just know it. Knowledge without action is pointless.