Ex Pastors Survival Guide


A Note to My Ex-Pastor Friends,

I receive so many emails from ex-pastors saying, “Frank, I left my position, but I have no employable skills. All I know how to do is preach, write, and sing. What do I do to feed my family?”

I’ve been working on this problem for a long time as I have many friends who have left the clergy system over the years.

Now . . . imagine if you could go to school again and learn an employable skill or trade.

This would cost you thousands of dollars, a lot of time (years!), and there would be no guarantee of being hired when you graduated with your new degree.

Now . . . what if I told you that you could go to an event that was only 2 (intense) days long, it wouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars, and when you left the event, you’d be equipped to start earning money right away.

You wouldn’t have to wait to be hired. Instead, you’d know how to start earning income yourself on your own time.

Sound like a pipe-dream?

Well, it’s not.

Some of my friends have done this. I do it myself. And so can you.

You see, most pastors are talented communicators and gifted writers.

With the right training, you can be shown how to earn income immediately by leveraging your writing talents.


This resource – which many pastors and ex-pastors are now using – will show you how

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