The Ultimate Plagiarism

“I believe in justice: but I am not a preacher of the gospel of justice, but the Gospel of Christ who calls us to justice. I believe in love, but I am not a preacher of the gospel of love, but the Gospel of Christ who calls us to love. I am committed to peace, but I am not a preacher of the gospel of peace, but the Gospel of Christ who calls us to peace. I believe in the value of the simple life, but I am not the preacher of the simple life, but of the Gospel of Christ that calls us to the simple life. Let us beware of the ultimate plagiarism of borrowing some great concepts from Jesus then running off proclaiming these concepts and not sharing the Christ that empowers these concepts.”

~ Myron Augsburger, Former President of Eastern Mennonite Seminary, 1983.

BTW/ if I were writing this, the only thing I’d change is the last line. I’d change it to “and not sharing the Christ who embodies these concepts.”The truth is, Jesus Christ doesn’t just empower us to live out these spiritual virtues.

Christ is justice, love, peace, holiness, etc. That’s a life-changing revelation that’s little known today.

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  • Tammy Olsen

    I wanted to let you know I have enjoyed your posts. I love how this brought to light how guilty so many of us are, even I, of telling people my beliefs of peace, love, the simple life, and justice; however, how often do we/I explain that Christ is all of those things in which I believe in, and that is what empowers my passion of belief.
    This is a very important message for us to remember to tell others. Thank you.

  • David M

    Enjoyed this, Frank, and I agree with that last part, although I still understand it all the same. It makes me think of all of the ministry organizations and conferences that take certain elements of who Jesus is and preach them without even giving Jesus any credit. It’s sad. When you aren’t going to Jesus directly for life, it’s no wonder why people burn out.

  • Roberta Jackson

    I love this perspective. Thanks so much!