The Ultimate Plagiarism

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  • Tammy Olsen

    I wanted to let you know I have enjoyed your posts. I love how this brought to light how guilty so many of us are, even I, of telling people my beliefs of peace, love, the simple life, and justice; however, how often do we/I explain that Christ is all of those things in which I believe in, and that is what empowers my passion of belief.
    This is a very important message for us to remember to tell others. Thank you.

  • Enjoyed this, Frank, and I agree with that last part, although I still understand it all the same. It makes me think of all of the ministry organizations and conferences that take certain elements of who Jesus is and preach them without even giving Jesus any credit. It’s sad. When you aren’t going to Jesus directly for life, it’s no wonder why people burn out.

  • Roberta Jackson

    I love this perspective. Thanks so much!