The Dissenters

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  • wesschoel

    Great article, Frank. I have been a sober-minded dissenter for a while. Its reassuring to hear someone give this condition clarity.
    Having been in “Christian leadership” for more than 30 years, I have certainly run across many dissenters. It seems there have always been a disproportionate number of disgruntled dissenters in the Christian world. But, in recent years, I am finding more and more sober-minded dissenters in our ranks. It is becoming obvious to many sober-minded Christ-followers that Christianity, as it is expressed in the modern institution, is missing the mark. in fact, some would say we are not just missing the mark, we are missing the entire target. Be that as it may, what excites me is that I am hearing so many stable people with prophetic insight declaring the need for change. What will be the end result? Reform? Revival? Revolution? Restoration? I, for one, hope we don’t experience any of these. I don’t want to re-do or re-hash what has been. I want the fullness of Christ to fill His church in such a way that there is no room for our human ways.
    I believe we are on track toward God’s greatest desire for His Church. The question is this: Can sober-minded people with prophetic insight influence the Church in such a way as to help her learn from history and not repeat her mistakes? I believe we can. The difference I see between the present and the past in regards to this shift is that the number of sober-minded dissenters is growing so rapidly. The dissenters are not led by any one person at this point. This means this movement cannot be easily be stopped using the “smite the shepherd and scatter the sheep” method. If the movement continues to gain momentum as it has for the last 20 years or so, their number may soon be so strong as to become irresistible. Its likely that a number of significant human leaders will emerge in the coming years, but I don’t see a single person becoming the leader in this movement. Perhaps, with God’s help, we are about to witness another great demarcation in human history.