The Unbroken Christian

Jesus talked a lot about losing, taking up our cross, denying ourselves, and laying down our lives.

These are the fruits of brokenness before God.

It’s not hard to spot a Christian in ministry who isn’t broken. Unbroken people don’t know how to lay their lives down and lose. They only know how to try to win.

If they’re criticized, they retaliate.

If they’re attacked, they return fire. If misunderstood, they defend in anger.

They are capable of doing all sorts of damage to others in order to save their own ministries and keep their reputations.

On the contrary, people who have been broken by the hand of God know how to turn the other cheek. They know how to go the second mile. They know how to give their coats when asked for their shirts. They know how to speak well of those who misrepresent them. They know how to return good for evil.

They know how to lose.

And in so doing, they exhibit the Spirit of the Lamb and allow God to win.

In the words of E. Stanley Jones, “The God I find in Christ is a God who overcomes evil with good, hate by love, and the world by a cross.”

Again, it is through the wounding and the breaking we experience that the life of Christ can be released through us.

And that is where the secret of fruit bearing lies.

Adapted from God’s Favorite Place on Earth.

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  • Steve K.

    Awesome Word! Even though we may know this and have heard it many times, to keep this truth close by is both soothing and reassuring. There is a fantastic and talented young Christian rock band here in Orlando that I have been loosely following for the past few years named “Built to be Broken”. I always thought their band name was so very insightful and it’s been fun to see them on their journey. Your post today reminded me of them. When I live in the broken state, I am laying my burdens/conflict/hardship down for Jesus to carry. After all, He did say He would gladly take it on for us and the yoke He would in turn give us would be light. And indeed it is – a weight lifted allowing Him to shine brightly through us. God’s nature revealed.
    Amazon says my book will be here tomorrow – I can’t wait!!