The Wish Dream

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  • CharlesHWilliams

    So true! And so contrary to the mindset of the contemporary American church! How do we reconcile Bonhoeffer’s words with the vision/dream-driven culture that is promoted as essential to plant, grow, or lead a congregation? I was asked a few years ago to share a devotion for a pastor’s group I was a part of, and I shared this same piece, and was mildly but nicely rebuffed by another pastor, who intoned, “Without a vision the people perish.” How deeply does this truth cut into our idea that we must be driven by a vision or a dream in order to do church? Or is it that these truths pertain to congregational life (community) and that on another level the dreaming and the vision is yet essential?

  • Steve Kitzman

    This is a particularly needed and – by me! – needs to be heeded bit of wisdom. I have immense respect and admiration of Bonhoeffer – what a gift of insight and encouragement he was (and continues to be) for the Church. Thanks, Frank, for bringing this out. I needed this today.