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The Race Card of the Early Christians – What They Can Teach Us Today


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  • debra elramey

    I did read that awesome article last week but didn’t have
    time that day to comment. But I did tweet it and it was RT by a syndicated blog. It was also the topic of conversation among my friends and me that evening. What an enlivening discussion! This subject has monopolized the news media over the past few days like nothing I’ve seen. The Zimmerman trial has brought out the worst in folks, especially the civil rights activists, who are now using the case to incite racial tension and even violence. It just shows the true nature of people and their lynch mob mindset. This is the same spirit that shouted, “Crucify him!” after Jesus was apprehended. ” Yes, that same spirit is behind all this. With so much racial animosity dominating the news, I found this article on the early church to be the healing balm needed in our culture. The world is trying to turn this into a ‘discussion’ at best, and into a civil war at worst. It is deeply troubling when false prophets are using their bigotry as a platform to sow discord and hated instead of mercy and forgiveness. Hats off to Derwin and Frank for speaking truth, while all too many are spewing lies. Those in Christ should know the tree by its fruit. Sadly, Thoreau had it right when he said, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Thank you for hitting the root of the problem here and offering the best solution of all: a change of heart through the power of Christ. Bless you both.