Blessed Are the Undesirable

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  • Rebecca Trotter

    Years ago right when I was getting involved in a prison ministry program, I made a firm determination not to have any regard for results. My job was to love. And that love was to be like a seed which I might never see sprout and which perhaps would be completely forgotten. It took a lot of pressure off of me. But its still draining. I hope you have a good support system in place to debrief with and to help you recognize when you may be wandering into an unhealthy dynamic. But good for you for doing this work. There are blessings for it, although they are rarely the expected kind!

  • Dan Sullivan

    Thanks for sharing this Frank. I’m right there with you. I work at a homeless shelter and I’ve lost count of the times in this past year I’ve said to my wife “Life is incredibly precious.” and “God really wants us all to take Him very very seriously.”

    Press on, your labor (fatigue, exhaustion) in the Lord is not in vain.


  • Patrick

    God bless you for your efforts, Frank. Some of my friends have a community in the downtown area of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and they spend a lot of time taking in the homeless as part of their community vision, sometimes just for a few days, sometimes for a few months, and I’ve watched how much it drains them. Whether it’s just to get someone a warm bed, or to help them get back on their feet, serving the undesirable is surely a gift that few can maintain, but those that can do so out of sheer love and devotion to the least of these. Your post serves to remind me of what my wife and I may be facing in the near future, as we’re looking to move into this community and join in their vision. There’s going to be a lot of hardship and heartache, but I want to practice resurrection in the lives of others, and if that means offering a warm bed, or pushing someone to overcome whatever afflicts them, then I’ll do it.