Who Are You? Accepting Your True Identity

This post has been revised and is contained in Jesus Now.

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  • Joe Bob


    Thanks for posting this. After hearing you speak these over us in Dallas a few weeks ago I wanted to ask you for the list. Later I resolved to recreate the list myself by combing through the NT. I believe I still will, only now I will have this list to compare it to. What a Christ, what a Father!
    Joe Bob

  • http://www.derwinlgray.com Derwin L. Gray


  • http://stevenmelvin.isagenix.com/us/en/home.dhtml Steve Melvin

    The other day you posted wanting to know if you should continue writing this blog. I tried to respond and for some reason it didn’t go through. Your blog is very inspiring and I love the fact that you don’t mince words. You say what’s on your mind while at the same time trying to be respectful, unless of course someone is way off track in a biblical sense. So refreshing and inspiring!
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.
    Steve Melvin

  • http://none Margie

    WONDERFUL! Praise God! What a good BIG God we have!

  • Hardik Modi

    Wow! Awesome! Wonderful! What amazing grace!

  • Neil Kirby

    Thanks Frank. What a salvation! What a Savior!
    What a life! Powerful truth that can make such a difference in our experience. Thanks for sharing this and all and more at conference 220.

  • Judi Hauck

    This is amazing! What a blessing to receive this today. Just last night our small group was dealing with a member who needs to be reminded – repeatedly, every day – who she is in Christ, and here God has provided through you such a wonderful resource. THANK YOU, and PRAISE GOD!

  • Frank Viola

    Thx. Please share it using the Facebook share button below. Thanks!

  • Neal

    Beautiful! I’ve been learning this and it changes one’s total perspective concerning the Christian life. It all comes down to Christ and He is our life.