“It’s Like Romney Answered the GOP’s e-Harmony Ad”

You MUST see this Jon Stewart clip, which shows how Romney’s opponents are using anti-capitalist language and class warfare to get ahead. (Or, to not get ahead.)

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  • Jim Tills

    Normally I don’t like that program only having seen it once or twice. However, that was really good! Thanks for sharing.

  • David French

    “Release the Kraken!”

    “Ooh, that’s a scary Kraken.”

    I laughed out loud.

  • Vickie L. Deacon

    Looks like Newt is the modern-day Robespierre of the French Revolution. This attack on capitalism – coming from a GOP candidate – exposes shocking self-centered values – with no regard for the future of America.

  • Randy

    That was probably my biggest laugh ever watching Jon Stewart. Go Romney!

  • Laura

    Love! That was hysterical! Thanks for sharing…

  • Diana_Florida

    Oh my gosh this is PERFECT! I can’t believe I AGREE with Jon Stewart!!!

  • BrentW

    Jon Stewart is a very smart and very funny man. Wish he was on *our* end of the political spectrum.

  • http://www.jrganymede.com Adam G.

    That was terrible. Subtly but unmistakably, Stewart was selling the Democrat’s class warfare line.

  • rob

    Absolutely hilarious! Thanks for sharing this. Go Romney!