Romney’s Historic Victory!

Doesn’t it feel good to win?  I hope you are all well rested after such an early declaration of victory last night’s historic win.  Rich Lowry has a great wrap up of the scope of the victory:

The exit polls tell the tale of strength across-the-board: Romney won men and women; he won everyone over age 40; he won all education groups; he won everyone make $30,000 and up; he won Republicans by an impressive 49 percent; he won moderates, somewhat conservatives, and very conservatives; he won voters who support and who are neutral on the Tea Party; he won Born Again’s and Non-Born Again’s; he won Catholics and protestants; he won voters who think leaders should compromise and voters who think leaders should stick by their principles; he won in urban, suburban, and rural areas.

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  • Rascal

    Si senorita, eet feels goood to ween.

    Now class, waht deed we larn from 2008? That the RNC will steal votes and cointeenue to be corrupt; and that we better have our own grass roots organization built independently to counteract that. If people want to know how Mitt will succeed as POTUS, look no further than to see what he has done thus far, e.g., the VA primary, NH, SC, etc. And how he did it.

    Aloha Ms. Nancy, how refreshing to read your post. Thanks. :D