Why Newt’s Answer Was Wrong

Everyone says he “knocked it out of the ballpark.”  Really?

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  • http://mikesnow.org Michael Snow

    Must be something wrong with your link. I see nothing related to your headline.

  • David French

    I fixed it. Thanks Michael.

  • Pete Groeneveld

    With all due respect, I think a key point has been missed. Newt hit it out of the park because he correctly sensed that his conservative audience cared more about the media and its tendency toward character assassination than the details of his second marriage. If Governor Romney and his supporters were surprised and chagrined by the standing ovation, then they have a long way to go in understanding the electorate. We were all reminded last week that while Mitt was a successful manager and a smart guy, he fundamentally lacks common sense about what motivates ordinary people. His politically abysmal answers to the tax return questions in the debates revealed this—as much as he might have some moral right to privacy regarding his taxes, most voters were automatically going to assume that he was hiding something when he repeatedly refused to release his returns. This episode is illustrative of Governor Romney’s main shortcoming—he consistently doesn’t understand the impression he makes among regular Americans who would have no hesitancy to hand out public copies of their tax returns, just like he doesn’t get it that casually offering a $10,000 bet is not something that most Americans would make about the contents of a book, or that the $350+K he earned in speaking fees is not “a little” when compared to most American household incomes. It also begs the question of why his advisers hadn’t prepared him with a better answer, especially in the second SC debate, for a question that everyone in the room knew was coming. All of these missteps suggest that even though Newt carries heavy baggage, Mitt will be toast in November when he tries to connect with the average American voter.

  • http://mikesnow.org Michael Snow

    Great analysis by Pete. And that is why Obama will be re-elected. Gov. Romney’s staff and speech writers/advisors are daft. You can only shoot yourself in the foot so many times and live to tell about it.
    The WSJ had an entertaining piece today, hoping that Newt will be the nominee so that we will at least have an entertaining campaign before ‘four more years.’

    And though I am not a Newt fan, I give credit where credit is due. [People are fed up with spin meisters.] He said what needed to be said. The reporter’s question about his ex-wife of decades ago [1999] was as reprehensible as would have been a reporter asking Pres. Clinton about ‘Monica’ during the Haiti disaster.