The Left Wants to Silence Ann Romney










Ann Romney is a force in this campaign.  She’s powerfully introduced Mitt across the nation, she’s been featured in several complimentary news segments, she’s chided a former President… and won the argument.

It’s understandable why the Left is afraid of a powerful, well-spoken Republican woman.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re trying to silence the best campaign asset that Gov. Romney has.

“I don’t even consider myself wealthy,” Mrs. Romney said in a much longer interview yesterday on Fox.  A liberal blog called Think Progress spliced that one sentence into a YouTube clip which undoubtedly will be played for voters who are suspicious of successful people like the Romneys.

But, what did she really mean?  Chris Cillizza helpfully gives us the full transcript of her words.  And, not surprisingly, context matters:

“[O]ne thing this disease has been for me has been a wonderful teacher. And with that comes an ability for compassion for others that are suffering. And for me, I want to make my family bigger. Those that are suffering from M.S. or cancer or any disease I feel like I want to throw my arms open and say, welcome to my family and welcome to the place where I’ve been and, so, you know, we can be poor in spirit and I don’t look — I don’t even consider myself wealthy which is am interesting thing. It can be here today and gone tomorrow, and how I measure riches is by the friends I have and the loved ones I have and the people I care about in my life and that is where my values are and those are my riches so for me having done through a difficult period in my life both with M.S. and with breast cancer it has done something to my heart and it’s softened my heart and made me realize there are many people suffering in this country and they are suffering from things that aren’t financial — and some people are suffering from things that are financial, as well — but those that are suffering, for me, I just have a larger capacity for love, and for understanding.”

Again, we have to choose.

As evangelicals, will we punish a person for saying she doesn’t put her trust in material wealth?  Or, will we fight back against the resentment, the deception, and the envy that mocks people of faith?

As women, will we let the Left unfairly characterize us as out of touch?  Or will we steadfastly work to make sure the right person is elected in 2012?

As Americans, will we let them make us jealous of people who’ve worked diligently and given generously?

I know what I’m doing.  I voted for Gov. Romney today in Tennessee, I have donated money to the campaign, and I am annoying my friends with more politics than they ever wanted to hear.

Mainly, though, I’m looking forward to hearing more from Mrs. Romney on the campaign trail.

Go, Ann!

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  • Ken

    Respectfully, though I have no quarrel with the argument that Ms. Romney’s words are being taken out of context, I really can’t stand the “silencing” language, which promotes the terrible “criticism is censorship” narrative that conservatives ought to avoid.

  • machtyn

    Criticism is one thing, slander and lies, which Think Progress is peddling, is another and should be called out.

  • Nancy French

    I agree — what I was trying to say is that they WANT her to be quiet, and ot be intimidated. sorry for confusion…

  • Roger H

    I find it interesting how Nancy French complains about how Ann Romney’s words have been taken out of context by the Left (which it has), yet she falsely asserted a couple of months ago that Rick Santorum once supported a policy of the government requiring people to buy health insurance. The basis for French’s false charge? A news report/commentary from the 1990′s which concluded that Santorum’s opposition to a bill making employers provide their employees with health insurance would “force” employees to buy their own coverage. This, to Ms. French, is the equivalent to ObamaCare’s individual mandate. Talk about distortion.

  • Nancy French


    I honestly didn’t mean to mislead about Santorum’s past. So, you are saying I misread that old article? I always believed that it was weird that no one else was talking about Rick’s past support of the individual mandate — you’re saying I was wrong?

    I really don’t want to take people’s words out of context and will correct if it I was wrong.

  • tblbaby

    Actually Rick Santorum did say good things about Romney’s Massachusetts health care plan while endorsing him in 2008, as did Newt Gingrich. Romney was never for a national mandate which he always said was a bad idea (one size fits all stupid) and unconstitutional.

    If you look Rick may have been for National mandate though I can’t find it. The Heritage Foundation was for a national mandate. Newt Gingrich was for national mandate until about a year ago. One thing about Rick? He will lie as easy as breathing. Easy as Obama will lie in your face. Here are 2 examples, many more are out there: Rick Santorum Lied about deal with Specter

    BUSTED! Santo caught bold face lie freaked out on Radio interview, hung up & lied about it on another

  • tblbaby

    The left is not going to silence Ann, no way. They want to start going below the belt, Obama & Michelle has so much baggage that’s actually ugly that it’s no contest. Ann’s been a great person, so has Mitt. The dirt that can be brought up is sophist dishonestly framed lies. I know they will go there. Defamation is a Progressives best friend, but it won’t stick with any but serious mindless sheep because facts will be brought out. They have almost all the media, we have all the friendly relationship with truth, which is quite good for the Romney’s, quite Ugly for the Obama’s.

    I’ll never tire of setting things strait, and pushing the truth. They’ll say it’s negative, but who’s fault is leading an ugly life that’s pushed an agenda very few people will be sympathetic with when they really understand it?

    It’s gonna be a fight, lets get it on. With Obama in the white house & us losing our Constitution, rights, country as we know it. We have NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE.

  • Darin Southam

    I’m with you 100% Nancy and we SHOULD be talking about the censorship the Obama administration is seeking to impose. We need to be awake about what is going on. Obama is defrauding our entire nation and everyone is silent because of fear or because of their decency. Thank you for speaking up! Please have a read of my blog. I am a video producer and I made the first Pro-Romney viral video. Please check it out and blog about it. My ad has a 96% approval rating! <a href= ";

  • Darin Southam
  • Darin Southam

    You’re fine. Rick Santorum is a fake, as Ron Paul put it bluntly in AZ and if Ron Paul thinks so – we ought to listen.

  • Darin Southam

    The link to my blog isn’t working let’s try one more time:

  • tess wade

    Thank you for standing up for Mitt Romney. He has lived a faithful life and I know he loves the Lord, you can see it in the way he treats his wife.

  • Agkcrbs

    It’s true. Santorum didn’t just oppose an employer mandate; he first pushed an individual one to compete with his opponent’s plan, and, after winning, modified it INTO an employer mandate. His sin is not that he wanted insurance for people — Santorum has spent much of his career on health care solutions, and, frankly, has done good in people’s lives. His sin is also not in changing his mind. His sin is that, 20 years later, he attacks a similarly innocent target by vowing to have never done something that he did do — forcing his trusting supporters to unwittingly defend falsehoods, just because he’s become hungry for power.

  • sewinthyme

    I think most clearheaded individuals can see the Santorum and Gingrich lies and hypocrisies, the problem is that there seem to be so many not clearheaded people!

  • Jason

    Great article. Ann Romney is truly an amazing woman. America NEEDS a first lady like her!!!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Seriously? A ROMNEY supporter thinks that taking words out of context is bad?

  • Concerned Citizen

    The Obama administration? Seriously? You think that Obama runs every liberal blog? This is not even censorship. It is sauce for the gander, as I believe one candidate once said.

  • Michael Snow

    The comments on this issue on youtube are mostly horrible and rude (to be generous). I put the quote in context there. Maybe it has been done before but sank out of site. The way to keep that from happening is get over there and vote. The top two comments stay on top. At the moment it would take twelve votes to move the quote to ‘top comments.’