Remembering Chuck Colson


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  • Steve

    Good riddance to a delusional moron and proud bigot.

  • Kris Carter

    I think the thing that impressed me most about Colson was his consistent ability to avoid giving in to cynicism. He met thousands of prisoners through his ministry, and had to know that some not insignificant number of them were participating in the ministry primarily to look good for the parole board, yet he always seemed to see the best in them, and trust that God would do His work where He saw fit. As a result, many of those prisoners underwent real transformation, just as God had done for Colson himself. That triumph of faith over cynicism is truly inspiring, especially in a world where there is so much for the “realists” among us to be cynical about.

  • Chris

    God bless you, Chuck Colson, and your family. Thank you for affecting my life in a very positive way in how I see the need for ministry in prisons, and hope that one person can make a big difference. Thank you for listening to the leading of God in this way, and being faithful to Him who called you. You will be GREATLY missed.

  • Micah Leydorf

    Colson yielded his life to Christ, spent decades reaching out to “the least of these,” and practiced true Christianity in a way that is as rare as it is powerful. He was a hero for this generation.

  • Nancy French

    That’s a great point, Kris!