A Short Theological Quiz Regarding Women, Marriage, and our Feminized Church

A few weeks ago I had a delightful dinner with a pastor of a very large church.  The conversation ranged across topic after topic but eventually settled on a lengthy discussion of marriage.  The pastor talked about the key to his long and successful marriage and the key to Christian marriage in general.  His advice was a variation on advice I’ve heard countless times across my decades of life in evangelical churches:

Men, you must love your wives.  A woman responds to your sacrificial love (the love that Christ has towards his church), and if you love her sacrificially, she will reward that love with her admiration, her respect, and her affection.  You would never think of withdrawing money from an ATM without first making a deposit, would you?  You must invest in your spouse through your care, your attention, your romance, and your pursuit of her.  A woman thrives in such circumstance, and she responds with an overflow of love towards you and your children.  Yet men again and again try to “withdraw” love from their wives without making a sufficient deposit.

If you care to comment below, please tell me what is wrong with this statement and why.  But with or without comments, I’ll try to answer my own quiz tomorrow.


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