Book Giveaway: Tim Tebow and Nathan Whitaker’s “Through My Eyes”

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Ruth Malhotra loved “Through My Eyes,” a memoir by Tim Tebow and SixSeeds team member Nathan Whitaker.

Her review stated:

The book, co-authored with SixSeeds’ own Nathan Whitaker, is as much a bold motivational challenge as it is a candid personal memoir. Tebow’s authentic style combined with the broad array of experiences he recounts will resonate with a wide range of readers. The 272-page book is a fast-paced easy-to-read account of the people, events, and encounters that have significantly impacted his 23 years of life. He vividly describes everything from his at-risk birth in the Philippines where his parents were missionaries, his homeschooled upbringing on a farm, his accomplishments in college and current role in the NFL, and the charity work that has become an integral part of his life. Through My Eyes debuted at No. 6 on the New York Times Best Seller list for hardcover nonfiction books, and it has remained in the top 10 on the list for eight weeks in a row.

Tension runs throughout the book, which is part of what makes it an exciting read – no matter how familiar you are with Tebow’s story or the world of college football. Not only can readers relive some of his games, they can also feel the suspense of his college decision, experience the anxiety of the Heisman ceremony, and identify with his constant challenge of “becoming so intense and yet still staying in control enough to show good sportsmanship.”

Anyone who watched Tim play at Florida witnessed how he constantly set high expectations and passionately pursued perfection in his athletic endeavors. Yet Tim is intensely competitive and has a relentless desire to dominate his opponents. From the time he was five years old playing T-ball to playing quarterback in high school to his college experiences to the NFL, it is clear Tim has always been both physically prepared to compete and emotionally invested in winning.

“If we weren’t winning in perfect fashion, then we were very dissatisfied,” Tebow writes of his final season at Florida. He repeatedly expresses frustration with the perceived laziness and entitlement mentality of others, while using his influential position to motivate them toward excellence. Through My Eyes offers a refreshing antidote to the expressions of weakness and passivity prevalent in today’s Christian literature and family programming. It also defies many of the prevailing trends in parenting. In recent years, misguided efforts to “help kids feel good about themselves” and “avoid hurting anyone’s feelings” have led to not keeping score in little league games, giving every child a trophy, and placing an unbalanced focus on self-esteem to the point where even constructive criticism is frowned upon. Tim makes the point that “Christians don’t have to be weak” and that doing our best with our talents is actually more glorifying to God. The book will challenge parents to demand the best from their kids while investing the time and energy necessary to help them develop their gifts and achieve their potential.

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  • Shelley

    Would love to read this!!

    • Nancy Hotle

      Tim Tebow is one of the best role models we have today!

  • Hannah Marie Phillips

    I love Tebow! He has done a fantastic job being a witness for God! He is a role model for all of Christ’s children!

  • Martha

    Would love to read this book! I’m a retired home school mom of two girls and one boy! Tim is an inspirational young man!

  • http://Facebook Sharon Dampf

    The world may make fun of this young man, but his life lived for Christ gives young people a true role model when there are so few in the world today.

  • Aly

    I would love to read this book. Tim is a great football player. :)

  • lynn sapp

    Tebow is magical. Although I am an Ohio St fan, could never root against Tim. I find him to be an amazing young man and wish God continues to show strengh in all he does. If only my daughters could find somone like him when they grow to adulthood!

  • Christy Borden

    I would love to have this book! Tim is an outstanding role model for today’s youth!

  • Ashley

    I look forward to reading about Tebow’s journey!

  • Nikki Brungard

    I would love to win this! Pick me, pick me! :)

  • Chelsea

    I love Tim Tebow!! :)

  • Tonya Smith

    Cant wait ti read this one!

  • http://facebook Olivia Dalessio

    I would love to read this book. Following Tim’s story and being able to read what a positive God loving person he was would make my summer.

  • Penny

    He is a great hero for my 4 children! Don’t even be ashamed of living your life for Christ! Truly he is a breath of fresh air :)

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  • Misti O’Connor

    Tebow is amazing! I would love to read this!!!

  • Nenette Seaux

    Would love this book!

  • Claire

    Tim- you’re an inspiration and I would love the chance to read your book!

  • Andrew

    It would be nice to win. Thank you for writing your book regardless!

  • Matt

    I would absolutely LOVE to read this book! Tim Tebow is such an awesome role model!

  • T

    My brother is a college football player and loves Tim Tebow – this would make a great gift for him (and a pre-read would help me connect with him as well!)

  • Marion Kaminski

    Tebow has already become a legend. Would love to read this and share it with others!

  • Didi

    I was late to the game hearing about Tebow, but I’d love to read his testimony! :)

  • Regina

    Sounds like a good read.

  • Andrea

    My football-playing son wants to read this book. Would love to win a free copy for him!

  • Roanna T

    Tim Tebow is a man to be admired. I would love to win this book & read it.

  • Trina

    I would love to win this for a cousin that is a Tebow fan!

  • Tracey Haggard

    I would love to win a copy of this book!!

  • BreAnna Warren

    I would love to have this book. Tim, you are such an inspiration and a wonderful role model not only for the teenagers and young adults like me, but for the Christian people as a whole. We should be proud and stand up for what we believe in despite the fear of being criticized or just what others may think. :)

  • Alicia

    Would love to read this

  • Kimberly

    Would love to read this book and pass it on to all the young members of our family and learn from a great role model and man of Faith!

  • SarahM**

    Tim Tebow is an incredible man who is an inspiration to so many! I would love to read his story! God Bless!

  • Patricia

    “Through My Eyes” would be a story for all to read.

  • Camille K.

    I would to win this book as it’s a great testimony to God and it shows how far in life you can go with a homeschooled education as well as your faith in God! Thanks for this giveaway!!

  • Wonda L. Henry

    Please Lord help me win, Tebow’s book.

  • nacole

    this looks like a good book to read

  • Greg

    It is refreshing to see someone who is a pro athlete that is not drawn into the glitz and glamour, but is grounded in faith. I also think that it is amazing that he is not afraid to put his faith out for the public to see. I am not a fan of the Jets, but will watch them to see Tim.

  • Kathy Walker

    Was not really into sports, until I read about Mr. Tebow. Love that he keeps it real and that, his relationship with Jesus stay’s strong, no matter what. I’d live to have his book!

  • Toni Schwenn

    I am so impressed with Tim Tebow. I’d love to win the book.

  • Melissa W.

    My football boys would love to have a copy of this book!

  • Judy Wolven

    Watch a lot of football as a Colts fan, and was actually in Denver when Petton signed BUT people I went to see were really upset to think of losing Tim. His testimony and humbleness are such a pleasure to witness. I have the book The Testimony of, so would enjoy this a lot. Gid Bless you in N Y this season Tim.

  • Kim Harris

    Tim Tebow has a lot of faith. Would Love to here his story. I know a lot of people who Love him because of his faith.

  • Maleena

    Awesome man of Faith, awesome football player and an awesome role model for today’s young men!

  • Ashley

    my fiance is the biggest tim tebow fan, he would love it if i surprised him with this book and i think he would love it more than me lol all i hear everyday is about tebow.

  • mike primeaux

    I was never a Florida Gator fan but since his sophomore year, I have respected Tim Tebow. His steadfast faith and willingness to share Christ, draw people to want to knoe more.

  • heather

    Would love to tebow it up!

  • Lynda Dearing

    Tim is a great Christian witness to those around the world and i saw a short biography on him on tv last month and he will not compromise. I would love to win the book, we have no bookstore here in my area. Thank you LCD

  • Sandy

    Love Tebow- such a great example in every way!

  • S.Wilder

    What an awesome young man . He is a great role model for kids today.

  • Jenny Kruschke

    Tim Tebow is one of the best influences out there today! Keep standing strong in your faith and sharing Christ with the world! Tebow Time!

  • Kelly Raines

    As a teacher from FL… I’m a huge Tebow fan and so are my students! Hope I win a copy for my classroom!!

  • Lisa

    Looks like an interesting book.

  • daryl

    Tim tebow is one of the greatest romodel your kids can lookup to can’t waite to read this book to my little neices/nelfews.

  • Steve Burgess

    love Tebow