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    They grew the trees , cut down the wood, finished it, dug a foundation, mixed the cement, made their own solar panel for electricity and power their grills with no help from anyone? I suppose they have a farm out back where they raise their own grain to feed their own cows and pigs as well? And when they drive to work their vehicles that they mined the metal and built themselves are powered by the oil that they also dug up themselves? And they learned to read and write and do math alone in their bedroom, staring at the books and hoping for understanding so that they can keep the books and give receipts on the paper that they make from the same trees that they chopped down to build the building? And they mixed their own ink in the cartridges that they made themselves from their own oil well where they make all their own plastics.

    Obama said no one builds anything alone. He’s right. Much of it is about circumstances and opportunities. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both credited other people’s help to their success. What Business owner in this country builds their own building? What business owner educates themselves to have the wherewithal to build their own business? What businessman builds their own roads and parking lots to their own business? Do they build the furniture and the make the electricity that powers them? Invest entirely by themselves? What businessman even slices their own cheese on their sandwich?

    No one is successful all by themselves. America is successful in part because it has a highly developed infrastructure system that the government put in place to allow for free flow of traffic, goods and services. Try living in a treetop jungle house on the equator with no roads, no electricity, no flow of goods and see how successful a person will be. We are successful because we live in a convenient culture that has good infrastructure that makes it possible to be successful fairly easily.

    America’s comfort is built on the backs of thousands and thousands of hands all around the world, and they arrogantly boast that they did it all by themselves. No one does.