Gabby Douglas’s “Two Moms”

By now, you’ve all heard the story.  Gabby Douglas moved from Virginia Beach to West Des Moines to train with the same coach that took Shawn Johnson to the 2008 Olympics.  I had the honor of going to that Olympic Training Center and watching Liang Chow work with his crew while I was helping Shawn with her memoir. (Ahem, her New York Times best selling memoir!)  That’s where I first saw Gabby Douglas, who lived with a family there in West Des Moines.

ABC has a very touching story of how her mom, Natalie Hawkins, worked with another mom in West Des Moines, Missy Parton, to make her Olympic dreams possible.
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  • robert

    This is a wonderful story Mrs. French I doubt we will every share political view points though I am not a President Obama supporter. But I do love over comer stories such as this. One reason I keep reading your blog is because you so actively support Gov. Romney, not because I think he would make a good president, I dont but because he is a member of the LDS Church. In my faith tradition the LDS church worships Satan and they are demonic at best. Of course I think that is a ridiculous point of view. Members of the LDS faith are fine God fearing servants of Christ despite what my old tribe thinks. They are good to people, that is its own statement.

    I do think Gov. Romney has a good chance at winning this election given his economic resources and his organization. I do not think he is the incarnation of evil like some have painted him out to be, just like I do not see President Obama in the same light. You see Mrs. French in my faith tradition there is no shades of grey there is black and white, saved and unsaved, true and false, hope and despair, hope and no hope, heaven and hell etc. I am just an American, and not a very good one at that, but I do want to see this nation blossom again. My old faith tradition does not see that happening as America as been given over to Satan and most of the people who live in this nation and in the world are reprobate vessels of wrath. Including LDS, Catholics, Lutherans, Pentecostals, Anglicans, Catholics ( I mention them twice because they are doubly condemned), You for supporting someone who is a member of the LDS faith community, me for well all sorts of things and so on. Basically no one is saved.

    After 31 years as a “christian” all I want to see is this nation healed, the adult students with sever disabilities I have worked with and still do given some help and protection, and to leave a legacy. You and your husband are accomplished authors and good people, even though I disagree with much of your political stance, you both are still good people by the grace of God. I lean heavy on the grace of God as the one thing I have learned is I need that, for I know I have earned hell. But being a universalist I do not hold that to others. Sorry for the long post but it is nice to see wonderful posts like this, good people being good, overcoming and serving. In my old faith tradition this does not happen outside a very small apologetic paradigm. My old crowd stayed up nights stoking the fires of perdition for those of us/we/almost everyone are headed for. I am sure you and your husband have gotten some grief from the true believer group.

    Do you want to hear something stupid, and it is stupid, I dream of a united America, a shining city on a hill and above all a beacon of hope. That has gained me the label of apostate, heathen, liar, etc. God be with you, I pray for you and yours, if my prayers are even heard (which is another post). I hope God is honored by our president no matter who it may be. Offered for what it may be worth. Robert.

  • robert

    Ps another reason I read your blog, your husband and you by his side stood in the gap like so many others. On my soul, which I would gladly trade for any one of those heroes in those wars. Like I said we do not agree, but we can be Americans together. God keep you all, in my experience only He can.