Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Red Dawn

Long have I waited for this day.  Long have we all waited.  The Red Dawn remake trailer:

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  • SD

    Yay! Another chapter in the never-ending saga of “I, David French, am really cool and down with popular culture even though I’m actually a middle aged, self-righteous scold.”

    Awesome update on your banal movie preferences, Dave. BTW, a house of worship is burning down in Joplin, MO as the result of a second arson attack in as many weeks. I know you are such a loving Christian man and a bigtime warrior for religious liberty, so maybe that’s worth a sentence or 2. Even if it is a mosque. Which would be a sentence or 2 more than what you dedicated to the mass killing at a Sikh temple. Still waiting on a single syllable from you about that.


  • David French

    SD it would help me out a lot if you could send me a list of pre-approved blogging topics by, say, 10:00 a.m. each Monday.


  • GSchmalz

    Now that is a see it on the opening day type of movie.
    Thanks for the link.


  • Bryan

    Yes! I loved Red Dawn. I don’t go to the movies much anymore, but this is one that I will happily pay the money to go see. Keep posting you banal movie preferences. I have also enjoyed you comments about how the media exaggerates the monstrous Romney, extending voter deadlines for servicemen, Iraq’s development of nuclear weapons, and considering science and history while interpreting. You did miss the news about the church burning, but SD filled me in on that one. Keep up the good work.

  • Michael F. Bird

    SD, if your country, do you have a word for “wanker”?

  • Agkcrbs

    SD, you’re right that those are very important items of concern. I wonder if you couldn’t have given this reminder without such a whining, sarcastic, and, yes, “self-righteous” outburst of jealousy toward a guy who bothers to write stuff. Why don’t you write stuff? Then you could exclude entertainment topics as much as you wanted.

  • SD

    I didn’t really expect any serious introspection on your part. You judge others frequently and with ease, but not so much yourself.

    However, maybe in a rare quiet moment when you aren’t lecturing the world, why don’t you ask yourself how it is you can post so frequently on all manner of topics involving faith, but somehow not find it worthy of your time to post about a double arson attack on a mosque or a mass shooting at a Sikh temple. If this were a sports blog, or if your profession involved air conditioner repair, I could understand. But you are all about religious freedom, no? You write about it all the time and it is your professional calling. Here there have been 2 terroristic attacks on houses of worship in the US in a week and you say nothing. Is it remotely conceivable that you would so indifferent if 2 Assemblies of God churches had been attacked in the same manner? Seriously, Dave, what kind of person are you?

    Well, don’t let me bother you. Go back to telling us how cool you are because you watch DWTS.