A Video that Deserves to Go Viral: Anderson Cooper Completely Refutes and Discredits Debbie Wasserman Schultz

This is the first time I’ve ever written the following sentence: I wish more people watched CNN.  Watch Anderson Cooper do what journalists should do — hold politicians accountable for their rhetoric.  Watch and share:

  • Anne Lieberman

    “Women need to know” …. that DWS is a LIAR.

  • Kim Whelan

    New respect for Anderson Cooper.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thecrescat/ The Crescat

    Basically what she’s arguing is that it’s ok to lie as long as it supports your agenda. I was waiting for Anderson to say “the bottom line is you’re a liar”.

    • Dianne

      I am with you on that and since he did not I will You are a Liar Wasserman Schultzs and I live in FL. Shame on you!!

  • Lori Brooks

    To DWS… “Oh what a tangled web we weave…”. Good going Anderson. Americans, wake up!

  • Chris Robin

    Who is worse: DWS or Biden? They are a disaster. Reid is too.

    • Dewey Williams

      None of those 3 stooges cares about the truth. However Ms. Schulz is vastly smarter than Biden and Dingy Harry. So, she should receive the harshest condemnation. (“Where much is given …”). Whatever slick redefinitions of human life one uses to disguise the truth won’t make infanticide any less egregious a sin.

  • http://te-deum.blogspot.com Diane K

    What she is saying is that the ends justifies the means. This was a breach of ethics, pure and simple and she was defending it.

  • James Madison

    She nearly crapped her pants when he started reading her own email.

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  • GotMullet

    The platform issue should be to overturn Roe v Wade as a stroke of the pen amendment to the constitution, therefore allowing a constitutional amendment process to work. If so, the citizens of this country would be able to ratify an amendment on life v abortion that we sanctioned by constitutional majority. That way the stupidness of the argument from both sides can be aired and individuals can make up their minds about it.

    Certainly, ending a life as a mere “reproductive choice” is bone chilling and barbaric! Just as chilling as some screech owl who howls that a woman with children at home, who is 4 months pregnant suddenly finding an onset of breast cancer, needing to start chemo and/or radiation therapy immediately for a chance of cure, or even survival for a few more years, does not have the right to choose what is best for her and her family in those dire circumstances.

    The conservative platform is right to err on the side of life, but any rational and righteous human being should hold their faulty judgement when the worst choices do not fall upon them to make.

    To Debbie ‘Blabber-mouth’ Shultz…. It is time to overturn Roe v Wade so the American people may decide…. not your party’s divisive platform deliberately designed to justify and encourage promiscuity as a mere matter of choice.

  • Chuck

    Romney the twit is on film as “Absolutely for” an amendment to end all abortion (The personhood question) in answer to Fox anchor’s question. Anderson your right-leaning position is showing. All points made by the GOP are lies and misleading – why not say something about that?

  • sara vanscoy

    thought this was supposed to be a conversation on faith – not politics – i am unsubscribing now – had enough of political vitriol from BOTH sides!