A Letter from Hal and Corinne Prewitt, the New Owners of Romney’s House


Those interested in my story, “What Mitt Romney Left Behind: The People Who Bought His House Tell Their Story,” might be interested in a comment left below it.  Hal and Corinne Prewitt, of course, are the new owners of Gov. Romney’s former Utah house, and they responded to some of the critical comments left on our blog:


Those who wish to disparage our story by attacking us and the home, take comfort we wrote it because of your loud and incorrect statements that are often based on false assumptions. Please consider, each of us never knows what we don’t know.

Download it here: http://www.prewitt.net/story.pdf We are real, the story we told actually happened and once again we are not part of nor was it written or approved by Mitt Romney’s campaign. In 2009, we began telling the story to our friends (more are liberal). It was they who found it valuable; the liberals who helped us write the story and said it should be heard by Democratic, Republican and Independent voters. Our conservative friends were less impressed.

Yes, we are financially rich, but very different than you apparently imagine. I wish you and every person in our country could, as we have, experience the American dream. Our success comes from building and not taking from others. Being successful and in touch with every American are not mutually exclusive. I started with nothing, oldest of four boys raised mostly by a widowed mother. We are proud of our accomplishments and the fact that I no longer have to sleep in my pickup truck or worry about having money for food. Google my name and read my history.

The home is beautiful, but far more important and often falsely reported or overlooked are the facts the Romney’s selected a public non-gated neighborhood and actually chose not to build a true luxury estate. The home was built with a focus on his family. There was a bedroom for each child. There are no maid, butler or nanny quarters. Clearly Ann and Mitt raised their kids. No gold faucets, no fancy silverware. No swimming pool, tennis court or movie theater. The kitchen was simple and typical of most homes with kids, very much like those in which we were raised. We chose to remodel the kitchen.

It is a home noteworthy not for what they built, but more for what they did not and easily could have.

A few facts not in our story. Some people have claimed Mitt was too cheap to hire movers as the reason he moved himself. Very unlikely he acted to save money or because it was economical. We found no indication of that in his actions or home. While he was working, the garage door became ajar. A simple problem to correct, but he was busy so he called a service company to come fix the door. It is a fact, not only did he load the truck, he drove it to his new home. This was real work and not what most of us would call a “fun” experience. Clearly it was not beneath him to roll up his shirt-sleeves and get the job done. The fact he made these decisions speak directly to his character. Not the stereotypical actions of a millionaire and more importantly not the image most Americans have of Mitt Romney.

Our story is provided by witnesses delivering facts and not initially his supporters nor anti-Obama. Private details, how he acted out of public view and when not running for office. We distinguish between knowing something (I was there) and being told or reading what somebody else thinks happened. Most negative posts we read here appear to come from people who have never met Mitt Romney, get information from others and have zero direct personal knowledge of the subject they make claims about.

Thank you to Hal and Corinne for speaking out and — once again — telling your story!

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Nancy French is a three time New York Times Best Selling Author.

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  • Cheryle Cerezo-Gardiner

    That still doesn’t make him a good candidate for President. He still lies, flip-flops, speaks without thinking, and doesn’t care for the little man, those without insurance, or the poor.

    • Mike

      Wow I thought you were speaking about BARAK OBAMA but then realised you had left off not caring about our troops, police and servicemen/women.

    • BJ

      Talk about lies! Obama said when he ran for office the first time that he had a plan for straightening out the problems in this country. He said that if he couldn’t do it in his first term he didn’t deserve to win a second term. Well, all I see that he has done is raise the national debt, print more money, blame Bush for everything that has happened in this country even though Obama has been in office for 4 years and said he had a plan to fix everything in his first term and get an insurance plan passed that this country can’t afford passed. Oh sure, insurance for everyone sounds great but if you think the people who make more than $200,000/250,000 per year are going to pay for this you are out of your mind because I have already heard of some people who make over those amounts say that they are not going to support the lazy good for nothing who don’t want to work and are standing there with their hands out wanting someone else to take care of them. Those people say they are going to only work four days per week and make just under that amount. This means their employees are going to make less money and can’t afford to spend money because it will take everything they make to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. So who is going to pay for everyone to have health care? Most certainly not that idiot that we have up there now. He and all of those that got this thing passed don’t care because are going to keep their private pay insurance and sit back and laugh as people in the country die because they can’t find a doctor to treat them. There are going to be fewer and fewer doctors because they are not going to take what the government is going to pay them to take care of people. My doctor has already said that he plans to retire before ObamaCare goes into effect. Since I am on Medicare and a lot of doctors won’t accept new Medicare patients I am going to find it very difficult to find a new doctor when my doctor retires.

    • http://www.donodoya.com Dono Doya

      You’re talking about Obama, right Cheryle Cerezo-Gardiner?

  • Christine Williams

    Wow…thanks for sharing…hope ALL America can see WHO we need for the President of this great country…before it is too late…thank-you.

  • Junia

    Totally agree that we really don’t know how someone will perform until they are in the position (ask anyone who hires a new employee). I actually though that, as an adversary to Obama, Romney was the most qualified.. until he and his wife opened their mouth and showed a lack of respect for women, gay people, the military, anyone foreign or different, not to mention all the booboo he made while abroad, his blatant lies and his refusal to show his tax return (all presidents rep’s and dem’s to date have shown a minimum of 7 years of return). Even FOX news is critisizing him lately, which means he has lied beyond reasons even fox can uderstand.
    I’m sure the Romneys are lovely people in a private setting: My parents were also nice and helpful, but hat didn’t qualify them to live in the white house. What we don’t like is not the person, but the platform he stands for. We create jobs by buying. The wealthy won’t hire unless we buy more and justify new employees. Simple: WE have to get more of the wealth, so we can create jobs. From what I read, the couple who wrote the article is in the same category of ‘middle class’ which Romney thinks is about $250,000. In fact, the average family (usually more than one earner) income varies between $40,000 to $120,000. depending upon if you live in a big city or small town.
    Again, it’s not about personality and ‘niceness’, it’s about having a solid base which will respect everyone’s regardless of race and their choices of religion, politics, lifestyle, their own bodies, and make sure everyone is treated equally and pays their fair share of our infrastructure and keep our social fabric strong and prosperous.

    • Rosie

      Oh my, it seems you do not know too much about Obama and his lovely dishonest wife, Michelle. Too bad! I do not recall any disrespect for women, military, poor from the Romney campaign, but only those “shortened” media clips from the Obama side that left out very important things Romney had to say for Americans. Do you really believe Obama is for Americans? Get real! This country is in a huge downslide because of Obama, and I don’t want to hear anything about “the mess from Bush” – Obama has us trillions of dollars over and above whatever any other president may have left, and certainly has made it very easy for China to own us after Obama’s borrowing from them! As far as showing tax returns – what is the difference? We know they are all wealthy – seeing a wealthy person’s tax returns sure “ain’t gonna help the average American” understand politics! IF one votes for a president based on lower income and contributions to taxes, then we sure do have a problem! The abortion issue, the gay marriage issue, or anything like SHOULD NOT be a part of politics. We are Americans! We have freedom of choice! I am not against nor for abortion, nor against or for gays, that is a person’s individual right! Those people must answer to God! It should not be anyone’s business but their own! All these goodie-two-shoes out there need to stay home and mind their own flocks – leave everyone else alone and just be neighborly. God didn’t give any of us the right to judge – if a woman wants an abortion – so be it! If a gay wants to be married to another gay – so be it! Leave all that crap out of politics. And by the way, drop all this political correctness bullcrap too! They sure don’t care what they say or do to any of the Americans over in those radical lands! They even make videos and publish them! When the movies were made depicting Christ having an affair with Mary Magdalene did a bunch of Christines run around killing people? I don’t recall hearing so! Vote for the person who will do the most good for this country, not on what the media has to say, nor what the adversary has to say – STOP, LISTEN AND VOTE FOR AMERICA!

    • Jerry

      You are an idiot.