Evangelicals Support Mitt. Really.

The most succinct and encouraging two lines in the news this week belongs to Tobin Grant of Christianity Today.

A year ago, some pundits predicted that many evangelicals would not support Mitt Romney’s presidential run because of his Mormon faith. They were wrong.

Read his analysis here.

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  • Evan Maughan

    Reading the comments about the article, it is interesting how many negative responses there are. It appears that liberalism has a strong hold in Christianity. Many confuse Caesar with God and assume the state should become our brother’s keeper. Those that wish to remove the state from such roles and return to private charity are called evil, uncaring, cold. Yet it is when the state takes charge of “charity” that individuals become callus. Why should I worry about my brother, government takes care of that… Since I’m forced to pay more in taxes, why help out? Who cares about the leaches in society, all they want is take more from me so they can sit on their as***. These are the attitudes that grow from a socialist approach to charity.

    Mitt Romney gave over 10,000 times the amount of money to charity than did Joe Bidden. Yet Mitt is called “cruel” by one poster because he does not care about the poor. This nation will collapse if Obama gets a second term, this is not hard to figure out as the nations that loan us money look on to see if we will go the way of Greece and reelect Obama or choose someone who can fix the mess. If Obama, the dollar WILL get dumped and we will have total currency collapse. When our nation collapses, who then will take care of the poor?

  • Brandon from NJ

    The interesting aspect of liberalism I always find amazing is how often plenty of Democrat politicians, especially Reid and Pelosi, argue that their political philosophy is most in line with a given religion. It is among the most hypocritical things I often hear, especially from those who have also argued that supposedly there should be such a thing as separation of church and state. Anyways, plenty of everyday religious people like myself give out of what’s available, such as the United Methodist Church in NJ where I attend regularly getting volunteers to sing, perform, and help serve at the soup kitchen and homeless shelters. Again, politics is something that only exists with mortal men. I doubt God cares in the slightest about something as temporary as whether or not you are Republican, Democrat, or any of the various political parties found in nations that hold elections. It all doesn’t matter much to him. What does matter to him is what you do to seek him out while alive here.