Evangelicals, Mormons, and Orthodoxy: The Glossary!

Just last week I had an enjoyable interview with a reporter from World Magazine regarding evangelicalism, the LDS church, and theological confusion.  While pleasant, for a longtime Evangelical for Mitt, the conversation felt just a bit repetitive.  After I hung up the phone, I had a sudden flash of insight: amidst all the questions regarding Mormonism, evangelicalism, and Christianity, we’ve never defined our terms.  We have no glossary!  The lawyer in me rebels.  So, without further ado, let’s define our terms:

Orthodox, creedal Christianity:  The Presbyterian Church in America.

Less-orthodox Christianity:  Baptists.

Not orthodox Christianity:  Mormons.

Megachurch Christianity:

Recently re-admitted to Christianity: Catholics

Emergent Christianity:









Somewhat orthodox Christianity:  The Orthodox Church.

Atheists: Episcopalians.

Calvinists:  The elect.

Arminians:  The elect.












Now let’s answer some questions!

Are Mormons Christians?  Which Mormons?

Are Presbyterians Christians?  Which Presbyterians?

Coward.  Who’s saved?  These people.

For those of you grateful to me for answering the great questions of our time, you’re very welcome.  But I’m far from finished . . . Tune in next week when I define Islam!

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